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    Alexey, thank you so much for your post. I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression most of my life however a month ago my anxiety took a turn for the worst resulting in panic attacks. They were debilitating and took a huge toll of me to the extent where i couldn’t go to work and did bare minimum. This was while on medication and going to therapy but recently I was under a significant amount of stress at home, work and obligations and did not listen to my body telling me that it was tired and needed more and that I couldn’t do it all and needed to reach out for help. I’ve never had a good diet and despised exercise. My first mild panic attack was on my birthday oct 3 it was mild but kept drinking coffee and skipped meals to ensure that I prepped for my 10 year old daughters bday on oct 5, Worked, completed my online degree assignments and hosted a sleep over for her, slept very little and woke up early, and entertained family the next day for her actual bday. Shortly after I finished cooking and slowed down, I had a full fledged horrifying panic attack on her bday, in front of my family and days after had many mini ones. I missed over a week of work and reached out for help from anyone who would listen. The reason for my story and my reply is for all those who think they don’t have time…. Make time before symptoms manifest on a special day like they did to me. I want to encourage others to listen and to make the changes necessary now before you are forced to do so.

    On one of my worst days at home I was so tired and unable to sleep and wanted to fight… So I did and that’s when I felt a hint of relief.. I logged on to my game console, dusted off an exercise cd and ran in place, kick boxed and punched tArgets for 1 hour. My anxiety immediately fell to lower levels and I felt like I had hope. I researched foods that have high serotonin, drank chamomile tea and ate small meals several times a day. I’ve cut sugar, coffee , alcohol and have tried to slowly get back to who I am.

    I have learned a very hard lesson and am now trying to build up my reserves doing as much as I can and is within my control. It’s never too early or late to start. I just wish I didn’t have to reach that low to get the message that I wasn’t treating myself well in so many ways. I thank you for recon firming that I am on the right track. For those of us who are ready to make life changes and need support, it’s people like you that help us along the way. Thank you!

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