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    Alexey Sunly

    I was responding to someone who struggles with their feeling of perpetual anxiety and realized later on that I could just post it for everyone else who might be struggling with similar issues:

    OVERCOME YOUR “DEMONS” in 4 EASY STEPS!:oevilcrybiggrin

    Anxiety (or worry/fears) is one of the 3 primal survival emotions that can have a very powerful effect on your life. The other two are Sadness (depression/low self-esteem) and Anger. If you feel overwhelmed with one of them or a combination of them (which can produce other anti-social emotions like envy, jealousy, paranoia, etc.) it means that your higher brain functions in the Neocortex (neomammalian part of your brain) have given way to your more primitive brain functions in the limbic system (paleomammalian part of your brain) or basal ganglia (reptilian part). That usually happens due to a poor health condition of your body.

    What does it mean to you?

    You need to start working on your health to help your higher brain functions to retake control. Your Neocortex requires a lot of energy, but it’s not essential to survival; that’s why when your body fails to obtain appropriate energy balance your Neocortex fails to launch (compromising your memory, reasoning, impulse control, creativity etc.). The most important step you can take to improve your health is to start getting plenty of fresh air, clean water and exposure to sunlight. Second is to start exercising (that’s why I will always recommend people overwhelmed with their emotions to start by taking walks or jogging outside immediately). The 3rd is to start eating well. The 4th is to start getting plenty of sleep.


    Clean air, water and sunlight are very important to maintain appropriate chemical balance in human body. Many people in western society do not realize how low the oxygen levels and how poor the air quality can be in-doors. Moreover, many people are afraid of the sun, or simply do not spend enough time outside to get a healthy and appropriate exposure. Physical movement is also important for the same reason. If you have a physically active job you still need to learn many things about exercise that no one ever taught you at school in order to maintain a healthy body. However, if you do not have a physically active job, after fresh air and exposure to sun, exercise is the key to get you start feeling well. So, simply start walking outside or jogging outside as much as you can throughout the day (50 min a day all at once or in intervals, 6 times a week – is a great standard for someone who just wants to be healthy), and you will see the difference immediately.


    Nutrition can be a very time consuming subject, and needs a lot of time and explanation, but basics are these: stay away from sugar, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and other stimulants, white flour and pasteurized milk. Drink clean water (2L at least a day, and tap water is not clean), eat plenty of vegetables and wild fish (stay away from tuna, however), not more than 3 fruits a day, drink only fresh juice within half an hour of making it and never packaged (1 250ml cup = 1 serving of fruit, so do not go overboard to exceed the 3 servings a day rule), and make sure you are consuming either organic eggs, organic cheese or organic meat for protein. If you can not afford fish, get Omega 3 wild fish supplements.


    As for sleep, as long as you do your walks outside as I’ve mentioned already, you’ll sleep fine. Just make sure to get 8 hours of sleep a day, and that’s that. It does not have to be consecutive, so naps count! But the more sleep you get all at once, the more chance that you will get as much as you need.


    Even though all of that info is just basic. It can still be very overwhelming to try to incorporate all of it at once in your life. So, start with walks right away, and then you can progress from there. If you ever feel that you need more help, you can also hire a personal trainer or a wellness coach like myself in the future. I may not be the most affordable choice, but your local community center or YMCA should be able to offer a much more affordable option :-)

    Think well, Eat great, Train smart, and Feel ALIVE!



    That all makes alot of sense and unfortunately for most people they probably suffer from a lack of most of not all these practices. I definitely need work in the nutrition area being a sugar and caffiene addict, it’s funny when I hear people just say don’t take these, for myself it has become a way of life that I have had for over 40 years, most of my life actually, quitting it seems almost unbearable even though I know the nasty effects they have on the body. I definitely feel there is a connection here though with these and feeling tired alot. Maybe I should consider…..(sad face) weaning myself off these. Thanks for the article.

    Alexey Sunly

    My pleasure 🙂 And by the sounds of it you might really be interesting in reading this one as well: STARSUCKS has You?. Please, enjoy!

    Bubbles G.

    Alexey I agree with your attitude towards health and wellness. Thanks for a well written article.

    I have followed many of these concepts in my own personal life for a number of years. Except the food part; I feel this is highly overrated. I eat healthy, but will not stress myself out over many of the things you listed – ie. I drink tap water. When I start to slip (ie. not exercising), I see the domino effect it can have on my life. With that in mind, I continue to remind myself that I cannot stress about these things all the time and in no time I am back on track. The mind is very powerful and grasping hold of your cognitive abilities means so much. We are not robots and the feelings you describe as negative are healthy in the right context and in moderation.

    I think a key aspect that is missing in your plan is to RELAX. I don’t mean just getting sleep, but I mean shutting your mind off for a while and breathing. You can do this while exercising 🙂

    Alexey Sunly

    Of course 🙂 And daily meditation is also very important. And you are right, you don’t have to stress out about nutrition! It takes time. However, when you say that it’s “overated,” it tells me that you still have a long way to go ❗ There is a huge difference between a person who follows my advice and those who do not. If you do not believe me, all you need to do is conduct an experiment on your own and follow my advice for a month while also keeping a journal on your every day life, and then you can just stop for a month and go back to “normal”… But to be honest, none ever wants go back to “normal” after an experiment like that 😉

    There is a saying: if you feel you have no time to either relax, exercise or meditate, it’s time to do exactly that 😛

    Bubbles G.

    I said I FEEL that it is highly overrated. Much like you feel it is not.

    I am happy, healthy and have been keeping a journal for a long time. For I know that my mind is far more powerful than the tap water I am drinking.



    Very interesting article, after my 3 year relationship break up, was not healthy i would always be sad depressed not happy so i let him go because he always treated me bad . I’ve been exercisin a lot! I love nature, i always go jog to the park just 3 days of the week. I will start going more, but I am really proud of myself that i can jog run more than before. For the nutrition part, is hard for me, and I STILL CANT SLEEP 8 HOURS A DAY. I’m always up late and wake up early for work!

    I weigh 110 and i AM 5’0. Is protein shakes any good protein powder any good?

    Alexey Sunly

    I would generally recommend to stay away from protein powder, there is no need for it, and it may have an impact on your kidneys. Hydrolyzed whey protein is the safest choice, and definitely stay away from soy protein. It really sounds like you could benefit from working with a personal trainer or health coach. If you are not getting enough sleep, there could be multiple reasons for that, so do look into the option to work with a professional 🙂

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    Alexey Sunly

    I am just a professional who teaches people how to think well and to look as well as feel amazing, it’s up to you what you do and what kind of water you drink. It’s not my job to argue with people 🙂


    Wow. I am very moved by the powerful reading I have done throughout this website in the last 30 minutes. It seems as though that overcoming Demons are easier said than done? Or is that just me?

    I’m not sure if its my generation or just the way I was raised but it seems that “all of the above” to avoid listed are not only my demons (or some of them) but my staples to everyday life! I will say that I can’t argue one statement in all of what I have read. It’s absolutely right! I have always struggled with my weight and when I was pregnant with my son (my second and last child) I had gestational diabetes and boy did that open my eyes to reading food labels, researching sugar content in foods, etc. I had never even paid attention before it put my unborn son at risk.

    I am happy I stumbled along this website, I can’t seem to stop reading! Thanks for the great information…look forward to more.

    Alexey Sunly

    It is a significant process, but it’s getting easier as more and more people realize what is going on. So, keep at it, and if you need help, it’s out there for all of us! 🙂


    Great advice Alexey!!


    Hi Guys i am not sure if i have anxiety or i am just a worrier. I am younf and sucessful guy. Only problem with me is that for any thing i tend to think of worst. For example i am going for surgery for metal removal from my foot but i think of worst cases.I was very healthy and happy couple of years ago i broke up with my GF and got marroied to someone else. the break up was mutual but after that i start felling unhealthy often finding things wrong with my health and get worried that this can cause me more health problems.
    Can anyone please provide me some help/guidance. Thanks


    Alexey, thank you so much for your post. I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression most of my life however a month ago my anxiety took a turn for the worst resulting in panic attacks. They were debilitating and took a huge toll of me to the extent where i couldn’t go to work and did bare minimum. This was while on medication and going to therapy but recently I was under a significant amount of stress at home, work and obligations and did not listen to my body telling me that it was tired and needed more and that I couldn’t do it all and needed to reach out for help. I’ve never had a good diet and despised exercise. My first mild panic attack was on my birthday oct 3 it was mild but kept drinking coffee and skipped meals to ensure that I prepped for my 10 year old daughters bday on oct 5, Worked, completed my online degree assignments and hosted a sleep over for her, slept very little and woke up early, and entertained family the next day for her actual bday. Shortly after I finished cooking and slowed down, I had a full fledged horrifying panic attack on her bday, in front of my family and days after had many mini ones. I missed over a week of work and reached out for help from anyone who would listen. The reason for my story and my reply is for all those who think they don’t have time…. Make time before symptoms manifest on a special day like they did to me. I want to encourage others to listen and to make the changes necessary now before you are forced to do so.

    On one of my worst days at home I was so tired and unable to sleep and wanted to fight… So I did and that’s when I felt a hint of relief.. I logged on to my game console, dusted off an exercise cd and ran in place, kick boxed and punched tArgets for 1 hour. My anxiety immediately fell to lower levels and I felt like I had hope. I researched foods that have high serotonin, drank chamomile tea and ate small meals several times a day. I’ve cut sugar, coffee , alcohol and have tried to slowly get back to who I am.

    I have learned a very hard lesson and am now trying to build up my reserves doing as much as I can and is within my control. It’s never too early or late to start. I just wish I didn’t have to reach that low to get the message that I wasn’t treating myself well in so many ways. I thank you for recon firming that I am on the right track. For those of us who are ready to make life changes and need support, it’s people like you that help us along the way. Thank you!

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