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    What do you mean stay that way? Why should other people practise your religion just because it works for you? Christianity is falling to bits, religion is not the answer for every body, aside from That,us of America is a multi cultural place with many origins, and also people have a choice.
    Oh and also Christianity is borderline fairy tales.I understand some ideologies as I do with most religions, but what you guys forget is that you are all worshiping the same idol, despite wether you know it or not, accept it or not. Look into actual religious literature,you are all under the same son.
    Aside from that your religion shouldn’t qualify you for a Pedi stool, you are no more of a human being than any one else despite religion or ethnicity, and to think I will be judged for not going to church and donating my hard earned cash is a silly ideology. I live by morals, I don’t need a god to be a good person. Christianity like other religions relies upon scaremongering.
    I have no problems with any religion, but I’m just speaking my mind.
    Ps America is run by christians, look at Afghanistan and Iraq, your religion is a pillage ploy. Your leaders are profiting in big ways, religion is one tentacle that allows these people to control you, too get you to agree with them. Christianity Is a for profit semi cult, just as bad as the Muslims.
    So to answer your Buddha question, the buddhas aren’t the ones scapegoating, profiting off atrocity and gaining influence and power
    most religions are the same.


    I hope you said sorry, I hope he knows what you have done, thing that makes it worse is the fact that you keep on chasing him. You cant put him through that and still make it all about you.
    How its “unfortunate for you” how your the frigging victim.
    If you loved him, and had no motive behind your “break” and you just wanted to catch up on life, would you not want to share that time with the one true love of your life? If you genuinely wanted that time to make up for missed time, why did you fill that ever so important time obtaining an sti? Ain’t as though you were using that break to experience anything apart from another lads bed.
    Is that also why you felt the need to make point that you didn’t wanna break up? Whys that in question if that’s the case? You are a hypocrite, you will end up cheating on him if you haven’t already, I can assure you normal people don’t do this stuff, especiallynot to loved ones, you have no self respect, I’m even more shocked you’d do it too your self.
    Sti’s ruin lives and kill, you could have ruined chances to have children, more importantly, your ex partners chances.
    Give your head a wobble.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)