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    Dear Anita,

    Thank you for asking me these questions.

    1. My currently plan is to survive and pay for his needs and fees while working in singapore. The working experience could help me get a better job and it will make me understand what I actually want to do in my life.

    2. I will be working in Singapore until I am done paying for my brother’s fees which will be end of next year. But I will not be staying with my grandaunt till then. She has been asking if I have started looking for other place, so I will probably move out once I found a better place by this year.

    3. I do not want to take his money. I understand his actions but I can’t bear to take his hard earned money unless I really have no other choices. I feel like I have to discuss this with my mum too, because it is a family matter.

    4. After I am done paying my brother’s fees, I will quit my current job after getting a job in Malaysia. I will then move back home first, and then move out once I am financially stable with my boyfriend. It is definitely going to take some time but thats okay, I guess.

    The reason why I am paying my brother’s fees was because my dad used to be a business man and he got cheated on by his business partners and went bankrupt. It all happened last year. My brother was left with finishing his degree. He wanted to study in Malaysia to lessen our burden but it will take him 4 years and now the uni he is studying in takes him only 2 years. So my mum wanted him to get it done and finish it early like I did so I have help my family out in paying his fees.

    I feel really bad for my brother so I don’t mention all this to him. I do not want him to feel bad or worsen his energy. I just hope I could endure and get it done and over with. It will be unfair for him if I don’t. I just want my brother to live like other teenagers.

    I still remember when my brother told me that he will choose to study in Malaysia. Me and my boyfriend actually took up the initiative to pay for everything because at least from my boyfriend’s perspective, we can still be together and it won’t cost as much as it does now.

    But it’s okay I guess. I just hope my dad and my brother is okay.




    Dear Anita, I hope you had a great day today.

    It is indeed hard to ignore, I felt so bad ranting it to my mum but I can’t ignore. I thought I was just weak.

    I felt like breaking down every single day. I really hope this Covid-19 situation ends soon. At least going to office, I will have anxiety but I do not suffer for so long like how I do now. Long hours heart palpitations, body shaking.

    My boyfriend and his family, his family isn’t aware of my depression and anxiety but they did offer to look for better jobs in Malaysia for me. They say that my qualification and skills could get me a better job. His parents used to work in Singapore and that is the reason why they do not want me to be in Singapore. They empathize me a lot. His mum will text me once in awhile to check on me, and end her text by wishing me to back soon.

    Do you think that it is selfish of me to take this responsibilities and turn it into a burden? I feel really bad for my brother but I am only 23, I am still growing and learning. I do not want to lose myself in this process but I know I have no choice but to bear with it until he graduates next year. But I will definitely look for a better place to stay once the covid-19 situation subsides, hoping a calmer environment will help.

    I just want this feeling to go. I dislike waking up in the middle of the night or morning because of anxiety attack, I dislike working while having bad heart palpitations. I just wish to breathe. I just want to wake up happy. I am always laughing with everyone because I do not want them to be worried. And also it is not like I have a choice now.

    Thank you Anita for listening to me, I am utterly grateful. I wish you are doing good in whatever you are doing πŸ™‚


    Dear DharmaSeed,

    Your reply means a lot to me. I sincerely appreciate it.

    Its hard looking for a job in Singapore, I graduated with a degree in Singapore but in terms of looking for a job. They will usually reject me because I am Malaysian even after having some experience. This is my first job in Singapore, I felt like I just grab any opportunity given so that I could help my family but at the same time, working here is draining my energy away. I wake up with anxiety attack on a daily basis, I am so tired. I thought it was just an early stage thing but I have been here for 5 months and I am still having anxiety attack.

    What energizes and recharges me? I am not sure. I usually listen to this group named BTS. Their songs healed my soul in a lot of way. If I were to give a situation song, it will be Paradise. And the lyric goes,

    ” We borrow dreams from others (Like a debt)
    We learn that we need to become great (Like a light)
    Your dream. Is actually a burden
    If having a future is the only dream existing
    Then what is the dream you had last night in your bed?
    It’s alright if the name of the dream is different
    Be it buying a laptop next month Or just eating and sleeping
    Not doing anything at all yet still having a lot of money
    Who says a dream must be something grand, Just become anybody
    We deserve a life. Whatever big or small, you are you after all “

    Thank you for being so sweet. I felt like I have no choice. I really do wish to take a break from everything, life. But my responsibilities and priorities is too heavy to do so.

    Thank you for your advise, I will think of what energizes me or recharges me.

    Please take care and stay safe always.


    Hi Anita,

    I did try to understand her perspective but I am paying for a rent still so I am allowed to use. It is not like she is fully paying everything? I do not understand her actions, my mum told me to just ignore her.

    Actually, Malaysians are allowed to go back to Malaysia but we will need to apply it online 2 days before and get the approval first. But I am afraid that if I go back, I will lose my job. I am working in HR and Admin department and in my department there is another Malaysian who is currently fully working from home in Malaysia. My boyfriend says that if she can do that, why not I do the same?

    I really do wish to do the same too but, Anita please do advise me if I am wrong, I still go back to office on weekends to bring documents back home to work on and I just started working here on December. I do not want to leave any impression of me being irresponsible or lazy or that I am not doing any work. I don’t know if its my anxiety talking or its just me being responsible. My boyfriend told me that he will give me 5 months worth of the amount that I give my brother and he just wants me to be back home, he says and I quote ‘Let me buy your health and happiness, this is really not the way.’ But I told him this is not the way. I know I will still get anxiety even when I am back home.

    I needed to hear that!! I really got angry at myself for not being able to sleep. Like why am I not making it easy for me? Its just sleeping. I will try to lay underneath the window tonight!! Thank you, I tried so many ways last night, I slept at 1 and woke up at 4.

    Thank you. It will take a month or two until the border reopens unless I apply to go back earlier and do swab test while they quarantine me. I am still in dilemma.

    I appreciate you Anita. Please have a great day / night πŸ™‚


    Hi Anita, the following paragraph will have some trigger warning.

    I’m going to side track a little. I had few mental breakdowns last night. After work I was really tired. So I did not get dinner, I played online games with my family for awhile and then head to bed. I was really sleepy but I couldn’t sleep AT ALL. Not even a wink, I had bad anxiety attack, I just broke down, I just feel so stressed out, like I couldn’t breathe. I used to self harm whenever I have suicidal thoughts but I was clean for almost 6-7 years now. But yesterday, the temptation to do something to end my life was real. Like I really forgotten of all my priorities and responsibilities and I just want to end it. I am really tired.

    Back to answering your questions,

    There is a few packages to help families and students but my family are not eligible to get it, which is sad. My brother is not eligible to get the caring package because he is studying overseas. If he is Malaysia then he will prolly get it. That is why I have to support him which me working in singapore. I used to work in Malaysia but their pay is too little to help my brother.

    ‘I hope that you can leave Singapore and be back in Malaysia sooner than later.’ , I do wish the same too. It will be probably in another month or two. I just hope I am able to hold onto it. I so afraid to lose myself.

    Another side story, yesterday while I was working. My grandaunt came in to the room, and made a commotion about my room. That is fine, as every mother/ aunt ever. But she started complaining that I uses the fan too much, she would want me to not on the fan. But there is no air conditioning in the room and the weather here is really hot and humid. Sigh.

    I just wish she is a little understanding, at least my stay will be bearable.

    Thank You Anita! I will consider telling my boss about it the next time.

    I will appreciate you replying me Anita, I really do. Thank you.


    Dear Anita,

    I am currently living in Singapore. But due to the lockdown, I am unable to leave home or move around. It wasn’t that bad before the lockdown as it will take me 2 hours to commute to work back and forth so I am only home to shower and sleep. Now that I am home 24/7 , I get really anxious. I can’t sleep nor eat.

    I wanted to go back home to Malaysia, but they closed the border and my boss does not recommend us to go back. A lot has lost their job due to the lockdown so I am trying to hold on to faith. I can’t quit my job, as my family is facing financial problems and I am only working in Singapore just to pay my brother’s bachelor degree tuition fee. Personally, Singapore is a stressful place. The competition and the office politics is really bad.

    I did set a timing though, once I am done paying my brother’s tuition fee, I will head back to Malaysia.

    Thank You Anita.

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    Good Morning Anita, yes please feel free to ask me anything. I am really sorry if my english is bad as it is not my first language.

    1. The relative that I am currently staying with is my great-grandaunt and her husband’s side family which I am not familiar with actually.

    2. There are days where I am actually really busy with work, and I am not in a good headspace because of the stress I give myself. They will often give me task to do which I am okay with it but I don’t see them helping or doing anything and it felt kinda unfair to me and I feel bad feeling that way so I will just get it done and over with.

    Based on what they have told me, its their house. I am just renting there so I am not allowed to cook. But that doesn’t mean I get free dinner, i will need to order food delivery services or make something really simple like overnight oats etc.

    3. My boss doesn’t know about it. I am currently taking over the receptionist job so I am working downstairs, this hate speech happened when they came down for a smoke break. I did not told my boss about it, I didn’t want to make the situation worst so I just let them scold me, its fine.

    4. We live one border away, so I will usually go back when I have the time as it takes about 4 hours drive.


    Thank you for answering Anita, please do take care of yourself and Stay Safe.

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