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    Hi Divya,

    Believe we have a similar background in terms of having been brought up in a not-so-positive environment. It could have resulted in and/or added to our largely negative outlook of life, hence people think we are pessimistic.

    I am an introvert, and introverts have a very active brain that is links many things together, and enjoy deep conversations with people, even if we have not known the person very long. I love the connections at a deeper, more meaningful level. I’m not sure if you feel the same? For me, I have also made the mistake of going deep too early, which can definitely scare people off if they are not ready. For first dates, we must really make a conscious effort to control what we say. Topics like family, career, friends, hobbies – we can go very deep, but let’s save it for subsequent dates so that we assess if the other party is ready or interested. I’m glad you have that good friend who shared his frank opinions. Although it sounds real superficial, we do have to consciously keep conversations light for those first dates.

    Sorry, not sure if I make sense here. 🙂

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