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    Mostly to address Shiro’s comment – hoping I’m not too late to this topic. I feel the same about energy absorbed by clothes. It depends on your circumstances where the vibes are coming from (you or the environment), but I think people can be sensitive to one or the other (or both!).

    I found something that “works.” It can’t always fix everything, but it’s pretty great. Look up Kleen-Free from Genesis Products. Read the reviews on Amazon. It’s for pest problems, but a lot of people have commented on how it changed the energy of their clothes. It gets things really clean, and you can use it for almost anything – regular cleaning and even bathing. I was shocked at the difference the first time I used it. It’s very concentrated, so a couple capfuls mixed with eco-laundry detergent do the job. I’d run a couple capfuls through an empty washer on hot to get the junk out before running your first laundry load with it (because otherwise all the junk will end up on your clothes). You can even try it alone to wash or soak dishes. The stuff is amazing. 🙂

    Agreed, leaving clothes out in the sunshine and rain (or even laying them out on the beach on damp sand – if you can!) is another one of the more effective options to uncharge things.

    You may also want to have your home energetically cleared to remove negative energy.

    You can also play an Om mantra recording in the  closet for a day.

    Heritage Naturals Aura Mist is also very helpful to remove negative energy (spray over yourself, on the clothes, and in the closet). 🙂

    Also agree with Karen – wearing your power color helps! Getting rid of clothes with bad memories will lighten you up. Wipe down your drawers with Kleen-Free or an organic cleaning product.

    Lastly – it’s not even close to Kleen-Free, but 7th Generation Easy Dose – Power Clean formula has the most extensive list of essential oils (some uncommon ones!) I’ve ever seen in a commercial laundry detergent. It’s good for loosening stuff up.

    I hope these ideas helped! At the end of the day, it is about actively purifying the negative karma that creates these experiences, but these make it easier in the meantime.

    Lastly, if you’re open to it, Pranic Healing has something called the Meditation on Twin Hearts. It helps to flush out negative energy very quickly. Many people have reported it helps with depression.

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