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    This is possibly close to all the emotional-decluttering topic yet I feel the energy clothing absorbs from the wearer and situations are so much more intense and varied.

    Over the last year of starting emotional journey I realized how strong the energy , especially the bad type, got stuck in them.

    This type of energy is from wearing on certain situations who brings back bad memories or remind me a version of me that is old, I dont like, or I outgrown.

    The clothing I wear is usually thrifted, At first I thought it was the previous owner energy but wearing a newly bought thrifted clothing is like growing a fresh snake skin.

    Unfortunatly this grew to the point I feel phisically ill in clothing I wore in particular situations or the previous year. They store so many emotions and thoughts its overwelming having them on my skin.

    This means that i cant keep clothing for more than a year or two, it feels not good, both for a personal ecological preferences and also cause I feel this goes deeper and its something I need to work on (still figuring it out).

    I tried energic cleansing but the visual reminder (the memory of me living those past moments wearing these is still powerful)


    Dear Helena:

    Some refer to emotions as e-motions, that is energy in motion. You experience this energy in your body, including your brain and the rest of your body. This energy is not transferred to your clothes.

    When you experienced a distressing situation, wearing a particular shirt, the distress did not pass on to the shirt. What happens is that when you see that shirt again and put it on, the sight of it, the feel of it, reminds you of the distressing situation and that distress, those distressing e-motions are activated in your brain/ body.



    Good afternoon Helena,

    Anita is right the memories are in our minds, not in the cloth. If the garment brings back bad memories – get rid of it. I had a very nice suit that I wore to several court appearances. I felt a flood of relief when it went to the thrift store.

    The other factor is color. There is a certain shade of dark gray that brings back a childhood memory of being stuck in an airport over night. Choose the colors that bring you joy. Wear only your colors. An expensive jacket in the wrong color will be reflected in the way you stand and how you move. The color makes you feel drab and lifeless, so you are. The cheap jacket in the perfect shade will perk you up. You will feel happy and energized and your face will show it.

    I sew a lot of my clothes so that I get what I want. It is all about doing something nice for me. Take that off the rack shirt and sew buttons on it to make it your own. Shorten the hem so it isn’t so draggy, or add a band to the hem to make it longer.  I have several items from thrift stores. I changed the drab cheap buttons on one thrift store jacket for bright gold fun ones. Big improvement.

    Take everything out of your closet and drawers. Vacuum and dust the shelves and the floor. Pick up one item. (1) Does it bring me joy? (2) Can I put it on, right now, and walk out of the house. If it doesn’t pass that test it should be in someone else’s closet.




    You are right Helena. I was looking for someone like you… it is good to know I am not the only one.

    I can feel others energy that is stuck on clothes as well as mine. It is not memory related. I was sometimes thinking that all that is in my imagination but it is so obvious that I can’t ignore it, it is real. Heavier the clothes heavier the energy. It seems only bad energy gets stuck.

    I guess the only way to keep your clothes clean is to almost never wear them or that you become so happy that there is no any room for negative energy in you and I don’t think that there is a person in whole wide world without at least some negative energy. If you want to clean your clothes of negative energy, well I have no idea how you can do that.


    I’m glad I found this topic, and I would love any helpful information as I’ve actually been experiencing the same thing. In my case you can say I’ve been getting over a major depression. Only recently I’ve become more sensitive to the energy of my clothes. I can also feel other people connected to them. It’s almost like they have spiritual cords linked to my clothing and their energy is pouring in.. in some cases there’s no cord but their energy is still implanted in the clothing. It feels to me like life-force energy not emotional/mental energy.

    Anyway, ever since I started noticing this I started experimenting. I had an old winter coat that I really liked and I could feel it saturated with my own dense, heavy depression vibes, and then on top of that there was other peoples energies (it just felt really disgusting). It’s like Tom said, my own energy wasn’t able to push anything off.

    First thing I did was wash it a couple times, but that didn’t do anything. Then I tried smudging with sage and then washing. Still wasn’t enough. Then I tried sage with frankincense and myrrh, and then washed it again. Still nothing. Finally I decided to try nature. I hosed the jacket again and I left it outside on my deck in the backyard to dry under the sun (this was in the spring time). The next day when I went to check on it I could feel the energy in the air a little- it felt like it was starting to lift slowly. So I kept doing the same thing. I hosed it almost everyday and left it in the sun in my backyard. Around day 4 a lot of the dense energy was really starting to lift, it was all around the air floating around off of the jacket. Then it rained for a few days and I just left it there to get the benefit of the spring rains. I think it was a total of 2 weeks before the jacket finally felt good and the bad energy was gone. Then over the course of the summer, I did the same thing with a lot of my clothes that wouldn’t get ruined leaving them outside like that. But I still have a lot of clothes that I really like, or are expensive, and I haven’t done anything for fear of ruining them.

    I’ve also tried using sea salt on some clothes (which normally works really well to remove energy), but it didn’t work for my clothes either, as the energy was so dense and other people are just deeply stuck to them.

    So I would also really love to know if someone knows how to clear clothing easily and effectively!


    Dear Shiro:

    I’ve been getting over a major depression…  I would also really love to know if someone knows how to clear clothing easily and effectively!“- maybe getting over your major depression further, moving farther from depression to a clear, content state of mind-  will clear your clothing from unwanted energy and spiritual cords…?



    Hi Anita,

    That probably would be the ultimate solution and of course a goal that I work towards. But in the meantime it would be really nice if there was something simple that works as a solution for the present, if anybody out there knows!


    Dear Shiro:

    I am sorry, I have no idea about clothes and energy, but I wish another member here has an idea and that he/ she will reply to you soon.



    Wondering if you have found the answers you needed.. For me, I am not sensitive to the energy absorbed/emitted by clothes, but I am aware that certain gemstones, crystals, and, in general, colder objects have a different energy (not referring to temperature), for example, I have bought a bracelet for my partner (I think the beads are malachite stones). He used to wear it to work every day until some of the parts fell off so it didn’t look good anymore, and he stopped wearing it some time ago. Now when he is not here, I hold the bracelet and I can feel the energy of the workplace (i.e. construction site), and it actually matches what I felt when I went to work with him. Also I can feel his energy that is calming, positive, and some inner feelings that I haven’t felt before that I knew was present.

    I have learned that it could be due to the colours e.g. I have come across something called colour therapy where the use of different coloured stones, when placed on different chakras, can evoke different responses. This is allegedly based on “ancient” wisdom, which might or might not be true, as I do not know the history behind it.

    I am pretty sure that there are people out there including members in this thread who are more perceptive to the energy “wavelengths” that are transmitted through clothes (I believe it is different to stones, in my opinion).

    I believe it is not directly to the topic. But there are some “psychic mediums” out there. They are people who claim that they can connect with the “dead” through their “sixth sense” as well, which is also not “scientific”. However I believe there is something true about it, otherwise they would not insist that they can sense something that we cannot see. So if you believe that it is there, there is good reason to believe that it is there. Is it counterintuitive?

    I believe this is why we, as humans, tend to think about ideas like “afterdeath”, “religions”, etc. as well. Not saying that it has anything to do with the energy from clothes. But then there is curiosity about things that could possibly exist, something that seems to be “missing” that might explain the things that we would like know that are beyond our abilities (at least for now).


    Mostly to address Shiro’s comment – hoping I’m not too late to this topic. I feel the same about energy absorbed by clothes. It depends on your circumstances where the vibes are coming from (you or the environment), but I think people can be sensitive to one or the other (or both!).

    I found something that “works.” It can’t always fix everything, but it’s pretty great. Look up Kleen-Free from Genesis Products. Read the reviews on Amazon. It’s for pest problems, but a lot of people have commented on how it changed the energy of their clothes. It gets things really clean, and you can use it for almost anything – regular cleaning and even bathing. I was shocked at the difference the first time I used it. It’s very concentrated, so a couple capfuls mixed with eco-laundry detergent do the job. I’d run a couple capfuls through an empty washer on hot to get the junk out before running your first laundry load with it (because otherwise all the junk will end up on your clothes). You can even try it alone to wash or soak dishes. The stuff is amazing. 🙂

    Agreed, leaving clothes out in the sunshine and rain (or even laying them out on the beach on damp sand – if you can!) is another one of the more effective options to uncharge things.

    You may also want to have your home energetically cleared to remove negative energy.

    You can also play an Om mantra recording in the  closet for a day.

    Heritage Naturals Aura Mist is also very helpful to remove negative energy (spray over yourself, on the clothes, and in the closet). 🙂

    Also agree with Karen – wearing your power color helps! Getting rid of clothes with bad memories will lighten you up. Wipe down your drawers with Kleen-Free or an organic cleaning product.

    Lastly – it’s not even close to Kleen-Free, but 7th Generation Easy Dose – Power Clean formula has the most extensive list of essential oils (some uncommon ones!) I’ve ever seen in a commercial laundry detergent. It’s good for loosening stuff up.

    I hope these ideas helped! At the end of the day, it is about actively purifying the negative karma that creates these experiences, but these make it easier in the meantime.

    Lastly, if you’re open to it, Pranic Healing has something called the Meditation on Twin Hearts. It helps to flush out negative energy very quickly. Many people have reported it helps with depression.

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