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    Good afternoon Helena,

    Anita is right the memories are in our minds, not in the cloth. If the garment brings back bad memories – get rid of it. I had a very nice suit that I wore to several court appearances. I felt a flood of relief when it went to the thrift store.

    The other factor is color. There is a certain shade of dark gray that brings back a childhood memory of being stuck in an airport over night. Choose the colors that bring you joy. Wear only your colors. An expensive jacket in the wrong color will be reflected in the way you stand and how you move. The color makes you feel drab and lifeless, so you are. The cheap jacket in the perfect shade will perk you up. You will feel happy and energized and your face will show it.

    I sew a lot of my clothes so that I get what I want. It is all about doing something nice for me. Take that off the rack shirt and sew buttons on it to make it your own. Shorten the hem so it isn’t so draggy, or add a band to the hem to make it longer.  I have several items from thrift stores. I changed the drab cheap buttons on one thrift store jacket for bright gold fun ones. Big improvement.

    Take everything out of your closet and drawers. Vacuum and dust the shelves and the floor. Pick up one item. (1) Does it bring me joy? (2) Can I put it on, right now, and walk out of the house. If it doesn’t pass that test it should be in someone else’s closet.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)