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    brother, you have a case of “ONEitis.” You’re stuck to the notion that she’s the ONE for you. Watch what people do rather than what they say. By her actions, I think she is telling you her answer.

    I cam to TB a long time ago as my marriage was desolving and I needed to find a place where I could learn about letting go. I think you are maybe here for the same reason. Your feelings for this person are real, but if you keep hanging on, you’re going to get dragged.

    Let go, buddy. Her rejection of you feels personal and I understand this. It isn’t about you – it’s about her. I recommend you focus on getting back out there and finding someone you are interested in having a relationship with. Realize now that nothing stays the same. Relationships begin and end. People change. This includes marriages and other long term relationships. People come into your life to teach you about you. You do the same for them. Take what you’ve learned from the relationship you had, and press forward. There will be many others.

    Live fully,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)