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    Hi Cool Hacker

    John is giving you good advice. I to have Bipolar. After many years of treating my family and friends with no respect or honesty,
    I made many attempts to take my own life. While in hospital after a drug over dose, a junior doctor sat with me and listened to my story.
    She arranged for me to have counselling, and medication. It took a few a weeks finding the right meds that worked.
    Sometimes it’s been a constant struggle. I’ve had many apologies to make. What surprised me the most is 1) how different I am towards

    people now,
    2 , family and friends have forgiven me for my horrendous behavior towards them. I’m a year into my treatment, somethings I’m finding
    harder to forgive,or to be forgiven for.This illness shouldn’t be allowed to effect the rest of your life. Please take John’s advice. your a very intelligent man,
    who knows with the right help you can be a survivor of this illness. Remember it’s an illness and not the real you.
    I wish you good luck. Take care of yourself

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