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    Dear Bill,
    Congratulations on such a feat. I commend you for doing what it takes to reach such a milestone. I am certain that it goes without saying that you have not always been in such alignment with this higher form of yourself so it’s very inspirational that you’ve managed to attract to you what you sought.

    I think your question is a perfectly legitimate one because I too was feeling a similar way earlier on today but for an entirely different reason. 3 months ago, I was in the midst of healing from inconceivable sorrow and turmoil- something occurred in my life that literally ripped the very seams from my already fragile life. I lost the most important person in my life, the one person in whom I felt joy and life and I was left to face the demons of my sad little existence alone on my own. I didn’t think I would survive and I wanted to die and there was no one who understood or even cared to understand this great pain. But during this time, I learned about myself, I learned to nurture myself, I learned to find contentment in me, being alone in the simplest, humblest of places to be. It was through that struggle, that pain that quiet time, the many shed tears, the overwhelming feelings of sorrow and grief that I felt a true and pure power and love within me.

    That wonderful, remarkable, agonizing period ended when I decided to return to New York for work. I have since recently returned home and brought back a whole lotta baggage and extra grief that I certainly didn’t need. I’m no longer dealing with the grief that I once had but now, the struggle that I face is no longer localized. There’s so much muck within me that I don’t even know where to begin in order to reach that high vibration that you’ve described for us. So I too on today missed my struggle, I missed the pureness of that remarkable pain that brought me so much closer to myself.

    I would say continue to nurture and build up this positive vibration that you have found. I can understand the frustration that might ensue once one feels a sense of complacency in their satisfaction. Perhaps you may even subconsciously feel anxious that you are in the calm before the storm?

    I also have the idea that you take some time and share your stories with others. You could help people with your experiences. I come to this website so often and I find so much inspiration during the most difficult times. I’m sure you have a story to tell that so many others wouldn’t mind reading. Maybe you could write about what has been the impetus for this new found freedom and high vibration that you’re experiencing. And in so doing, perhaps you can reflect on where you once were to where you are now and that might engender a deeper understanding of your past struggles and a more profound appreciation for your recent awakening. I think and I hope that this could help you and so many others.

    I hope my thoughts have resonated somehow.

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