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    Please anyone,

    I did 2 horrible things that keep me up at night and make me hate my self..when i was about 8 or 9 years i peed in a bottle and gave it to my grandpa to drink i told him it was juice and he drank parents found out,yelled at me all grandpa was always good to me and he passed away years ago so i cant even apologize..

    The second event was when i was 14 i stole my fathers gold jewelery and  traded  it for a motorcycle,(the guy tricked me didnt even give me a motorcycle just took the gold).My dad said he forgave me multipul times but still my heart hurts..

    II know i am not the same person as then (i am 22 now)i try to do good and everyone thinks i am but i think i am horrible for those’s like it will forever haunt me..thanks for listening anybody..

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