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    This is a great idea, it is also challenge because I find it difficult to like myself or feel like I am worthy during depressive episodes.

    1. I like that I have a sense of humor. I think it’s important to laugh to and make others laugh as well, without putting them down.
    2. I like having a vivid imagination. My imagination has gotten me through some tough times. It also makes story-telling/writing stories fun and interesting.
    3. I am able to make others feel better. I am very good at cheering other people up because at my core I am a positive person and know that it’s important to look on the bright side, even if I don’t always do this.
    4. I like the fact that I have depth and am not afraid of the darkness. When I say that, I mean I am not afraid to think dark thoughts or imagine dark things, there is darkness within us all and I will be the first to talk about mine. If more people confronted this, we would have less people feeling ashamed of their own.
    5. I am adventurous. I like taking really long walks, and going to amusement parks, going hiking, etc. anything outdoorsy, I love it, and I love that I love outdoorsy things.

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