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    1. I like that I am genuine. I’m very honest, too honest actually.. it’s hard for me to lie on the spot a majority of the time haha 🙁

    2. I like that I am not complacent. Although I’m very thankful for my life and those who are a part of it, I strive to change for the better everyday.

    3. I like that I am positive. Every one has their down moments and even when I am feeling down, I know it is temporary and good things will happen if I change my attitude to a positive one.

    4. I like that I’m a nerd. I love to learn, learn, learn! Of course, learn about things that interest me but there are so many things, I know I won’t have enough time in this life to learn it all.

    5. I like that I love unconditionally. Everyone has flaws, it comes in the package of being human, but if we all learn to love unconditionally, our lives will be transformed. Love yourself and others!

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    This is going to be tough, but I’m thankful that this post is making me think about these things.

    1. I think I am a good judge of character. I usually have a quick gut instinct about others and I think I generally make wise decisions about the people I surround myself with.

    2. I am a good friend. I always try to give my best effort to friendships and try to make my friends feel valued.

    3. I am resilient and cope well with tough situations. I can always find something to be happy about even during the toughest times. I feel blessed to have this characteristic, because I realize it doesn’t come easily to some.

    4. I have a great work ethic. This is probably what I like most about myself. I give my best effort at everything I do, and I do so with a good attitude. I am committed to being responsible and reliable.

    5. I am a very independent and internally motivated person. I have been financially independent since I started college (I just graduated) and I feel that it has made me strong, but gracious and humble too.


    It’s a good thing to start looking at the positives. Especially when it seems hard to find FIVE things. I bet I could make a list of a hundred things I don’t like about myself easily. But looking at the other side (what you have; instead of what you don’t have) is a lot more helpful. Let’s try it out:

    1. I am extremely musical and proud of it. I have a rare gift called Perfect Pitch that allows me to distinguish and replicate pitches without having to hear them. I am also proficient with my voice and many different instruments. One day I hope to either be a music teacher or be heard on the radio.

    2. By nature I am a kind and gentle person. For all the negative feelings I have; I could never irrationally lash out at someone. I think that’s a good thing.

    3. I am a deep thinker. I have thought about so many things. I definitely over-think a lot, but one thing I like about myself for sure is the amount of insight I can provide to something. My ADHD definitely allows me to see things in a well-rounded way.

    4. I am imaginative. It helps me not limit myself to certain possibilities.

    5. I love to make people smile. Whether it be through laughing, encouragement, or just saying “hello”. It makes me feel good.


    Beautiful idea!
    3-Self Aware
    4-Sensitive (live every emotion to its fullest 🙂 )
    5-A good Leader!
    Thank you for this:)


    1. I find I’m really wise about things, wise beyond my years in other words (career, finances, looking after health etc.). I care for meaningful things and I’m grateful for the simple pleasures in life.
    2. My love for openness, variety, basically keeping things fresh (habits, places to eat, visit, music to listen to etc.)
    3. Being independent and can enjoy time by myself.
    4. My newfound love of self-expression through journalling, this forum, playing guitar or karaoke 😀
    5. My quiet and reflective nature, especially nurtured through meditation. I love this ability for decision making and generating ideas.


    This is a great idea, it is also challenge because I find it difficult to like myself or feel like I am worthy during depressive episodes.

    1. I like that I have a sense of humor. I think it’s important to laugh to and make others laugh as well, without putting them down.
    2. I like having a vivid imagination. My imagination has gotten me through some tough times. It also makes story-telling/writing stories fun and interesting.
    3. I am able to make others feel better. I am very good at cheering other people up because at my core I am a positive person and know that it’s important to look on the bright side, even if I don’t always do this.
    4. I like the fact that I have depth and am not afraid of the darkness. When I say that, I mean I am not afraid to think dark thoughts or imagine dark things, there is darkness within us all and I will be the first to talk about mine. If more people confronted this, we would have less people feeling ashamed of their own.
    5. I am adventurous. I like taking really long walks, and going to amusement parks, going hiking, etc. anything outdoorsy, I love it, and I love that I love outdoorsy things.

    Brittney Contreras

    This is lovely!

    1. I’m a wonderful listener. People have told me I make them feel important, and I love that.
    2. I’m intelligent. Of course that’s a malleable feature, but I’m off to a good start at my age.
    3. I have creativity. Also a little artistic ability to go along, which makes for a good pair. It’s a beautiful quality that I cherish.
    4. I’m extremely passionate. Be it learning, travel, people, ideas, etc., my love can consume them all.
    5. I’m very open minded. I will absolutely stand up for what’s right, but I never go without seeing every side to the story. You could also bring up just about anything in a conversation, and I can carry it through without judging you.

    Deborah Thompson

    Wow, so I get to write good things about myself? This is bound to be so therapeutic, thank you!

    1. I’m someone always wants to learn new stuff – be it a musical instrument (currently it is the piano), a new language (I did start learning French in between though it sadly got lost somewhere in between) or a new sport (squash. Learned that from my better half. And am pretty good at it now). All in all, I’m very enthusiastic when it comes to learning something new.

    2. I consider myself to be quite generous. I give away lots of stuff without meaning to, even if at times I later find myself wanting/requiring something I’ve given away.

    3. I believe in generally being optimistic about things. Like they say ‘the glass is half full’? Well, I like to believe it is three-fourths full, and that too with something like iced cold coffee. Know what I mean?

    4. My first love – reading. I consider reading to actually be a good quality about myself. I have to read something everyday, even if it means a newspaper or the couple of pages of a book. Otherwise my day seems incomplete.

    5. My hair is nice and brown and shiny and wavy and looks great when it’s curly.


    I love so many things about me, it is hard to put only five of them here 😛


    Just five things? I’ll do ten!
    1. Appearance
    2. Honest
    3. Funny
    4. Durable
    5. Creative
    6. Headstrong
    7. Generous
    8. Intelligent
    9. Economical
    10. Lively
    I’d put 10 more, but that would be showing off 😉


    Love, love, love this thread! Everyone should reply!

    1. I am loving

    2. I am always willing to help

    3.  I love learning

    4. I work hard

    5. I am very creative



    This thread is very helpful! I have just gotten into the Bullet Journaling craze and was looking up “Things I like about myself” on Google and came across TinyBuddha.com and am so glad I did! Here are my five top things I like about myself:

    1.  My womanhood
    2. My optimism
    3. My mind
    4. My pickiness
    5. My introversion

    Anyone with self esteem issues should do this exercise at least six times.  Here’s some of mine.

    1)  Loving and Loyal

    2)  Intelligent and Intuitive

    3)  Passionate and Compassionate

    4)  Good at Listening and Learning

    5)  Healthy and Wholesome

    6)  Philosophical and Poetical

    7)  Modest with a Keen Sense of Humor and Great Numerical Skills


    What I like about myself-

    1. Brave. I want to give up. I make plans for it. I never do.

    2. Forgiving. I always end up forgiving the people who did wrong. Holding a grudge is just too much for me.

    3. Confident about my body. I love my body, my smile, my voice.

    4. I like that I am creative sometimes. I can make art with bright colors.

    5. I am caring and sensitive.



    1: My hair, i had cancer as a kid and all my hair fell out due to the chemo, i had no hair for 5 straight years ( i had cancer twice in that time ) so when it grew back it was a relief.


    2: My gaming skills, with 30+ years of gaming experience behind me, there aren’t many games i can’t beat


    3: My sense of humor


    4: My ability to shut up and actually listen to others


    5: How appealing i seem to be to cats, they love me! haha!

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