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    Hi Anita,

    It’s a year long. I’m thinking about asking my boss whether I can do the job 2 days a week instead so I can continue with the course.



    1. I find I’m really wise about things, wise beyond my years in other words (career, finances, looking after health etc.). I care for meaningful things and I’m grateful for the simple pleasures in life.
    2. My love for openness, variety, basically keeping things fresh (habits, places to eat, visit, music to listen to etc.)
    3. Being independent and can enjoy time by myself.
    4. My newfound love of self-expression through journalling, this forum, playing guitar or karaoke 😀
    5. My quiet and reflective nature, especially nurtured through meditation. I love this ability for decision making and generating ideas.


    Listening To Music
    Jamming Along To Music With My Guitar
    Karaoke 😀
    Eating Out for Breakfast or Lunch on a sunny day
    Quiet, peaceful places/nature
    The opportunity to be creative with my work
    Uplifting, meaningful films


    I concur about giving love and kindness to other people, even thinking about strangers when out in public. Rather than having a black or white view of people, I find myself seeing them in a more compassionate way. Everyone has their own good qualities, so for example if someone is disorganised, I don’t think they are a ‘bad’ person. People who tend to judge others often judge themselves a lot, so this is always good to keep in mind. But with a more compassionate view of other people, you’ll find a sense of peace within yourself.


    Thanks guys!

    Yes I definitely agree it’s a balancing act being the more introverted type. Making an effort to reach out to people will be a new priority in my life. I’m now finding that if I have a sense of kindness for others, then it’s harder for me to feel bad about myself. There are a couple of people who have made the extra effort to contact me via email (as mentioned I’m not on facebook), so people like those are ones that I should nurture.

    Moving out is not an option for me at this point, as I’m only an intern and not making enough money to do so, plus my mother is currently unemployed and my rent contribution is being relied upon. I’ll have to just hang in there for the interim, but I reckon being in a room mate situation with a couple of others would do me the world of good.

    Any further comments please let me know 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)