What do you do for yourself that makes you happy?

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    Deborah Thompson

    Funny though it may sound, taking an unexpected nap during the day makes me happy. Taking my labrador for an early morning walk makes me happy. Watching a rom-com gives me a feel-good feeling (albeit with some tears thrown in for good measure). These little things make me happy. I’ve learnt to live by the adage: ‘Enjoy the little things in life. For one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.’

    Ashley Smith

    I’m new to this site but i have to say, THIS makes me happy. For the first time in a long, long time. I don’t feel alone. As if other people are seeking the same things i am. And it’s a refreshing feeling.
    Other things I’ve found to make me happy. Long walks with good music. Reading an interesting book on the porch on a rainy day, maybe with a cup of hot tea. I get distracted and bored easily but these simple, small things actually make me really happy.


    Listening to music, meditating, drawing, cooking (anything that keeps me absorbed), dancing, hanging out with friends, supporting people !!!! Being inspired! Having a good nights sleep!

    Just got off social media.

    Love reading this thread 🙂


    talk to little angels in the classroom 😀

    smile 🙂

    make others and urself smile 😉


    Wow so intersting reading what you guys do! I also am happy:

    1. when i read this site

    2. when i run early in the morning

    3. when i enjoy gooood music, yeah just lay there and here that song ease my mind

    4. Watching scenes from movies with couples that kiss each other. This makes my heart grow!

    Take care, all


    Listening To Music
    Jamming Along To Music With My Guitar
    Karaoke 😀
    Eating Out for Breakfast or Lunch on a sunny day
    Quiet, peaceful places/nature
    The opportunity to be creative with my work
    Uplifting, meaningful films


    Listning music, travelling, talking with family n frnds, reading books, watching cartoons, clicking selfies …..makes me really happy n fresh…

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    Oh for me swimming as well does incredible things with me! I can be very grumpy, but as soon as i get in the water, i feel like things are falling into place and a big smile appears on my face, and even the normal sounds of the water make me feel so cheerful… That’s so powerful that i wonder if i would try to become a swimming teacher one day 🙂

    And, smiling is very powerful for me as well. Recently i noticed with some people at work who smile a lot, that it does a lot to my mood to smile back at them, and now i often smile at strangers who i pass in the street, or costumers at work and it can make me feel really happy.


    Hello Bren,

    I really love helping others, so I answer posts on TB and other online forums. I’m surprised to find how many other people avoid social media. I enjoy reading, taking walks, nature,reading jokes, watching comedy videos, watching a favorite show, taking a bath, listening to music, and swimming/exercising.

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    Hi Shfran, if you don’t know then you may also use this thread and see if there is anything you would enjoy doing. You can try as many things as you want until you find something that relaxes you.


    1) Putting on my earphones, listening to some music, especially few of Adele songs and singing my heart out – sometimes i like to pretend i am in a concert and i am the lead singer. I feel very confident and powerful.

    2) Taking a super luxurious bath and some classical music in the background with dim yellow lights.

    3) Reading yaoi (haha, still in love after 8 years)

    4) Cooking – i feel peaceful when i prepare the ingredients and then the cooking happens. I sometimes feel like Nigella Lawson haha

    5) Taking lots of photos of just anything that makes me happy 😀


    1. Always keeping my home neat and tidy – decluttered home = decluttered mind
    2. Listening to good music/reading a good book/ watching an episode of a series during my boring commute!
    3. Exercise
    4. Bath and Book 🙂
    5. Watering my houseplants
    6. Eating delicious food out

    I too have recently come off social media and i don’t think i will be returning in a hurry! I feel so much happier not comparing my life to others!


    I listen to music, read a book, write down positive quotes, think about the people in my life that make me happy (it makes me happy again and I always get a smile on my face.) I ride bike or go for a walk. Draw pictures even though I am not very good at drawing I still enjoy it. Another thing I do to make me happy is help someone out when they are feeling down.

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