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    Ok this is a really difficult one for me as currently having a beat me up session which I haven’t done for a while? So I thought I would do this challenge to make me look at the good things in me and make me feel better about myself…
    Number 1 – I have so many friends who I care about and I give everything to friendships as I value them so much in life – they get you through and vice versa
    Number 2 – I have brought up the most beautiful Son ever who is coming home soon from Uni and I cannot wait as I am so proud of him and hey I did some of that!
    Number 3 – I have completed many challenges in life against diversity with an illness I have and therefore given back to people less fortunate
    Number 4 – Now you see I am struggling ….because I am thinking about the materials things I have which really mean very little so ok – back to the brain – yes I suppose I am very funny and always love to make people laugh and bring them together – I am a good ‘builder’ as in organising group events and ensuring people are happy
    Number 5 – Gosh I need the whole morning…Ok I have got through one of the hardest years of my life, empty nest syndrome, quite a nasty debt, business problems and a bad relationship and dealt with all of it and sorted it out – so hey I have pretty clever and smart too

    Thanks for this test and this site and already feeling lots better about this lady enjoy the day x


    What an awesome idea! OK I’ll give this a try 🙂

    1. I love being able to completely be myself, and I’m not afraid to do weird or unusual things.
    2. I love being healthy and able to go hiking in the mountains, I hope I can do this for many years to come.
    3. I love that I am not bitter about unhappy experiences in my life – they have taught me to feel compassion for others in similar situations.
    4. I love having the intelligence to learn new things, and the courage to risk failure.
    5. I love getting to rebuild engines at my job – it’s satisfying and exciting and I’m so lucky to be able to do it! 🙂


    1. I can find humor in almost anything & don’t take life too seriously

    2. I relate to people well

    3. I have a positive perspective that I love sharing with others

    4. I have no problem making sacrifices for other people

    5. People always tell me that I’m unique


    i am so kind and helpful to others
    i dont hurt others
    i am helpful to my family
    since i am lecturer, i teach the students which is the best thing i like about me
    even in tough times i stay stronger


    I like this post 🙂

    1. I am compassionate.
    2. I am persistent in my yoga practice even though I’m not great at it.
    3. I am sometimes funny.
    4. I somehow am a magnet and role model for my two beautiful neices.
    5. I love to learn.


    Nice idea and yes a hard one to do as i have always been taught by my parents that i was BIG Headed if i praised myself.. ! So here goes..
    1. I am compassionate to the point of crying over things which others would not even consider.. I feel others pain.
    2. I have strength of commitment.. determination (tho sometimes that can be a negative lol)
    3. I love to giggle.. I would much rather laugh than cry
    4. I get excited about life even when it isnt always going good.
    5. I am a loving mother and wife.


    This is a refreshing post. I’m all for self-love…Here goes 🙂
    1. I like how I’m mature/wise for my age. It helps me to understand and gain perspective on situations.
    2. I’m very observant and can often gauge why others act the way they do, even if the reason isn’t always obvious.
    3. I’m quite intelligent…not just academically, but fairly emotionally intelligent as well, even if my mind doesn’t always work the way I want to…
    4. I would like to think I’m not judgemental and am very aware of other people’s feelings.
    5. I can sing quite well and I’m proud of my musical and linguistic ability.

    That was nice.


    I’m glad this was posted. Too often we focus on the things we do not like.

    1. My compassionate and understanding nature
    2. My love and passion for helping others
    3. My sense of humor
    4. My strength and persistence to find good despite severe depression and struggles in life
    5. My excitement for trying and discovering new things (music, hobbies, food, places come to mind)


    Just want to say thanks to Casey. This topic has just made me realize where I’m going wrong in life!


    5 things I like about myself!

    1) I like the fact that I cannot be with a person if it’s not for love! I don’t know how to lie to myself and the other person in the relation. I believe it does justice to both!
    2) I like to know that so far I have achieved some things in life and manage my own finances. I’m 28 and last year I bought an apartment.
    3) I like that I’m an early to bed and early to rise person, I work with lists for everything and it keeps me in control.
    4) I like to know that I’m my family’s strength. It keeps them and me strong headed.
    5) I like the fact that I like to take care of my body, mind and soul.

    Embers Pearl

    1: I love all animals and all living things with a deep passion

    2: I am sensitive and intuitive

    3: I like that I am able to write short stories with relative ease

    4: I love to laugh and make others laugh

    5: I am open to change


    it was recommended to me to make a list like this too actually!

    1. i am verrrry empathetic. i care deeply about others and it sometimes causes trouble because i feel their pain is my pain. on the positive side, i am a great person to talk to when you’re feeling down and i know what to say to help others feel relieved.

    2. i am a talented writer. i don’t write that often honestly, but when i write poetry or short stories they always seem to impress others.

    3. i can read others clearly. i tend to recognize people’s true intentions through intuition.

    4. i am a great big sister. 🙂 i am 18 and my sister is 11, and we actually hang out a lot. people tell me i’m a great role model for her and my cousins who are between 8-11.

    5. i don’t ever give up. i have had a difficult time with my mental illness ever since i was in 5th grade. i’ve tried countless medications and i felt like an experiment that had no predictable outcome. however, i realized medication is NOT everything. it won’t heal me completely and i have to make life changes as well. i have come a long way and that’s something i am proud of.

    Big blue

    Thank you Rachael!

    1. Funny
    2. Compassionate
    3. Curious
    4. Creative
    5. Gritty

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    I can always make my family laugh
    Despite having really bad anxiety i can get up, smile and live my life
    I have a very close relationship with my mom (despite people calling me mommas boy IDC)
    Im a very trustworthy person
    I can get along with anyone easily


    1: charismatic, funny and articulate (is that one or three things?)
    2: more afraid of not trying than failing.
    3: a motivated doer, I have accomplished things most people would never consider
    4: very compassionate towards the needs of others
    5: I love that i have finally found the career that is just right for me.
    Im gonna go six.

    6: Love that i am the father to two children that are the loves of my life.

    thanks, i needed that!

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