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    Good job, Ty!!! It is sometimes difficult to realise what might be pulling us down or has the potential to do so!

    I chose to delete my Facebook account back in 2011 and never looked back nor has there been a moment I felt that I am missing out on something, except for the informational content which is usually not on news website!

    Love & Light!


    Dear Debbie,

    I have faced this question myself over and over again. Will share my take on it with the hope that it gives you a perspective on how to be logical about it.

    Each time I feel low or frustrated, I remind myself little things to be grateful for – basic things like – access to water, a place to stay, eyes to see the beautiful world, nose to smell wonderful fragrances, tongue to taste delicious food! There’s so much to be grateful for!

    Whenever I practice gratitude, it makes me feel better! And the worries fade away!

    Love & Light,



    Thank you, Mark, Inky and Anita for your response. Much appreciated.

    – Yes, my father used to do that and now his son is doing that, with both. Currently, my mother shouts back at my Dad and they both quarrel like cats and dogs. And another situation is where everyone of them is frustrated with each other.

    My brother often says that he wants to leave the city; I have tried to ask him to take the plunge (he wants to too, but he doesn’t take a decision) because when he is not around at home, the environment is peaceful and calm.

    Kind Regards


    Dear Greg,

    Apart from the research, one must follow our own instincts because each one’s life and karma are different. We need to pay off our Karma in different ways. I am falling short of words to explain the exact thing that has happened to me of late. I had never imagined to quit meat until recently when I went for snorkelling and it hit my conscience. What matters is, to follow our instincts. There are ample ways for nutrition intake. Do research on the goodness and nutritional content of Moringa leaves, easy to grow and low maintenance.

    Please feel free to post if you have any questions on Moringa; would be happy to share more on it…

    Stay Blessed!


    Dear Drea,

    You won’t do anything to get him back, or even think about such a thing because you love yourself more than anything in this world and you value the life we have been gifted by God!

    Stay Blessed!


    Keep it up!!! Cheers!


    Hi Maddie,

    I’m impressed with the way you have expressed your feelings, very succinct…

    Guess every teenager goes through this phase of life where he/she cares about if he/she is liked by the people or not, esp. friends and college mates. However, at this age what matters more is what you want to achieve in life, focus on your goals and the rest will be taken care of. Imagine yourself being a successful person, even those who might dislike you now, will end up liking you.

    Reach a stage where, when you enter a room full of people, you care less about if people like you or not; rather if YOU like them or not.

    Stay blessed!


    It was certainly a wise decision… Move on in life, there are many good people around…


    Stay Blessed!


    This to me seems more of a trap. Since in India there are lot of issues with in-laws staying together. And since the parents stay with the son and not a daughter. So women choose for a family where the in-laws are either working or living with another son.


    Hi JournoGirl,

    First, sending you lots of love and strength. I can understand your state of mind; being at two places, as women we feel very guilty and at the same time it must be affecting your self-esteem a lot. Please keep a check on it, to not let it dip and rise up. You’re strong, beautiful and a wonderful person.

    About your husband: It seems he has somebody else in his life, and he doesn’t have the courage to tell this to you (he will never have the courage to tell the truth to you). But, what YOU need to do next is IMPORTANT here, because your life and happiness is precious and valuable. So, you’ll have to take a call, muster the courage to ask for divorce and see if he agrees. (I’m sure he wants separation but wants to hear it from your mouth). You’ll have to take the effort to resolve the lives.

    About your friend in relation: I would say gauge him for a while. Give it time because you’re not in the best of your spirits right now and vulnerable (when we are with low self-esteem we may unknowingly let anybody take undue advantage of being available). So, get on to your toes, be strong, figure out what you want from the next relation, put it across to him and don’t give in so easily, he must realize your worth. Try not to jump so quickly from one person to another, YOU have to provide the strength to yourself, try not to have it from others.

    Sending Love & Light your way!

    Do keep posting here…


    Hi Aislynn,

    I’m in complete sync with what Anita has said.

    Additionally, I have noticed that the day I’m more relaxed mentally, makes me ‘enjoy’ the yoga session and the days I’m upset it feels like an uphill task. And the breath gets shorter. But when I let go of my thoughts/worries (consciously) and concentrate on lenghtening the breath, it works and that’s how I ultimately feel rejuvenated at the end of the session. It gets me out of my worry-zone!

    Also, when we see it as a ‘task’ it becomes difficult but if we breathe longer and try to enjoy the pose while concentrating on the stretch a particular pose gives to the part of the body, it solves the purpose. It does get boring sometimes, so then I change my workout regime. For that matter, any form of workout gets boring after sometime. So, I keep changing or I take a break of 2 days in a week.

    I hope it makes sense.



    Thank you so much, ElleTinker700 (M). Feeling relieved after reading your reply. Sigh of relief!

    Inky – Thank you for the blessings!:-) These days I’m relishing to cook, play badminton whenever time permits and trying to be healthy.

    Anita – Yeah, my colleague. It’s only been couple of weeks together, so it will be too early to take a call at this time. Moreover, he is being receptive of the feedback on his behavior (it is also a result of his recent past) and I think everybody needs/deserves his/her time and chances. I am keeping a check if his attitude is having a negative effect on me; the days it gets too much I won’t take time to call it quits.

    I was in search of a companion since quite sometime and I really hope it/something works.

    A simple life. No fuss. No fights. Togetherness. Love. Care. is what I dream of!



    In fact I ensure to raise my concerns and he works towards it. He is open to change for the better. And has also asked me couple of times if I am able to see the changes.

    The irritation part comes when he sticks to me all the time (his pace is fast and mine slow). Whe He is ready to jump into marriage and for me marriage is a strict no. He is okay with it until I’m ready for it. Patient until I accept his proposal.

    But I have to mention that I have been getting sound and stress free sleep these days which I hadn’t had in a long time. May be the feeling of reliability that he extends. And I ensure to have my time.

    The other things I have liked in him is, whenever I get upset, he comes with a small present to cheer me up. And doesn’t hold ego to say sorry.

    Thank you, Anita for posting and being there. Hugs!


    2) Takes care of me, ensures my comfort when it ccomes to food and commute.


    Thank you Matty for your response.
    He expressed after two years because he was getting his personal life resolved and didn’t want to approach me when he was married. (A good trait).
    But from my end, yeah I like him only because he loves me.
    We got closer because of office politics and he took it as an opportunity to get closer. I didn’t pay heed to him earlier because I really didn’t like his attitude in office. Sometimes, he just doesn’t let other person talk just to put his point up.

    Elle Tinker 700,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences. It was a pleasure to listen you talk:-)

    Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for posting reply. You got it right on the Win-lose attitude. May be it stems from a bad past and low self-esteem.
    About possessiveness, I am keeping him in limits. Giving back whenever he tries to change me. (It is hard and takes mental peace of mind to not let someone be too much onto you). Whenever we are together, I often end up losing temper and feel irritated.
    It feels like I’m mothering a child. Do this, don’t do that! How can a 37 year old be so childish!

    The positives and why I want to consider him:
    1) A person who won’t give up on me and will work towards the relation because he is clear about me. (I had read somewhere, a man who isn’t sure of you will never be sure about you, and will never commit)
    He is open to change and is changing for better. Also, I have come to a stage where I’m losing hope of getting a suitable partner (I’m 31 now). For reasons that lie in past I tend to give up on instances such as ‘he wakes up at 8 and not 6 am; so he’s not the one for me’. And this guy is being patient with me all the time, understands what I’ve been through.
    I feel the need to have someone who will stand by me (and that can be one who loves me?) None of us are kids here, we both look for a long term relationship.

    Phew! Will I ever get someone I don’t need to break up with or I have to be tolerant and more receptive of the other person. And adjust!?

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