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    I have become lazy and directionless. I’m going with the flow, along the wave.

    Necessary to have goals at every stage of life?
    Does it always have to be about career/money/success?
    Since there’s nothing at present that I’m inclined to; does it suggest it’s time to focus on personal life?
    Scared to become laid back and lose enthusiasm.

    Is it okay to depend on someone? A man. Tired of running after money and success. And being strong all the time. Feel the want of having someone I can depend on. Not that I will depend completely on him. But, it’s nice to share life. (Am I being too tough on myself?) Can I let loose?


    Hello Anyone,

    Do what you feel is right for you at the moment and when you are ready to change directions, then go ahead. Some people have certain goals for their own personal reasons. My goals pretty much stay the same every year on my vision board but there are a few new goals each year that add on. But I feel it is not necessary for everyone to have goals and that is just fine, as we achieve goals unknowingly each day with tasks. 🙂

    No, It doesn’t always have to be about career/money/success – It can be about other things besides all that.

    I feel you should focus on anything you want to focus on and or feel passionate about.

    It is okay to depend on either a man or woman, if they love you and are perfectly ok with you depending on them and vise versa. Your relationship/marriage is a sacred bond between you and your love. Nobody has a right to judge if you two or on of you is dependent. As long as both of you are happy being together, is all that matters. Even if you become laid back, there’s nothing wrong with that, it means you are relaxed with no current stress. You will always find something to be enthusiastic about, the little things in life.

    It’s okay if you don’t want to run after money and success. You are going to be loved and accepted, regardless of all that. You love someone for who they are, not what they have to offer you material wise. Being happy, loving and compassionate is TRUE & SUCCESS in life.

    The want of having someone you can depend on is BEAUTIFUL… I know what you mean when you say that.

    Yes, you are being too tough on yourself and YES, please let loose. You will be loved completely. 🙂

    Sending you, loves of love, positivity and light you way. <3



    Hi Anyone,

    What is the thing you love doing more than anything, or the thing that you find yourself doing unconsciously? I’m a reader. So I might find myself working in a bookstore, getting a masters in library science (whatever they call it), owning a bookstore, holding a book club, teaching a child to read or even writing a book or hosting a writer’s workshop!

    And your goals don’t even have to be about making money! It’s good to have hobbies that go nowhere! Obviously, do what you have to in order to support yourself. The rest is commentary. Life is too short for “shoulds”. Think into terms of “Let’s” and “I get to”.

    And wanting to be with someone so you can on some level be taken care of is a Want as old as Time. Honor that by actively finding someone nice! 🙂




    Dear Anyone:

    My answer: yes, it is time to focus on your personal life.

    You asked if it is okay to depend on a man: you mean the colleague who proposed to you? The man you referred to as having a “superiority complex?”

    As long as his superiority complex does not mean you become inferior to him, then… maybe?



    Thank you so much, ElleTinker700 (M). Feeling relieved after reading your reply. Sigh of relief!

    Inky – Thank you for the blessings!:-) These days I’m relishing to cook, play badminton whenever time permits and trying to be healthy.

    Anita – Yeah, my colleague. It’s only been couple of weeks together, so it will be too early to take a call at this time. Moreover, he is being receptive of the feedback on his behavior (it is also a result of his recent past) and I think everybody needs/deserves his/her time and chances. I am keeping a check if his attitude is having a negative effect on me; the days it gets too much I won’t take time to call it quits.

    I was in search of a companion since quite sometime and I really hope it/something works.

    A simple life. No fuss. No fights. Togetherness. Love. Care. is what I dream of!


    Dear Anyone:

    I like your dream: “A simple life. No fuss. no fights. Togetherness. love. Care.” – I like it!

    So, you are aware and … awake and will remain so, aware of his attitude, his affect and effect on you, his behavior, his motivation… yours. Keep the communication open with him, ask him, evaluate his answers…

    And I too hope for the best for you and for the possible togetherness, you and him!


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