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    I have to agree with Jay. You feel irritated because you allow yourself to feel irritated. Meditation will help but also the knowledge that feelings do not have to be a direct link between you and your environment. for example just because someone cut you off while driving does not mean you must get upset and angry.

    Also, you need to work on your communication. How are your parents supposed to know you are upset with them if you don’t talk to them, in a constructive way of course(do not confront them when you are angry). this will also help improve your communication in future relationships. Obviously you are feeling upset and have been holding those feeling back from your parents. When you are open and honest with your parents about those feelings then you can work on improving the situation to better suit your needs. Perhaps ask to not be disturbed while you are in your room. help them make friends by connecting them with people from similar backgrounds. help sign them up for an ESL course, bonus they will meet people in similar situations and build friendships outside of you. help them financially so that they can eventually move out (remember they helped you financially and brought you into this world sometimes you have to return the favor).

    Sometimes it’s not easy to give, but doing this for your parents is extremely generous of you. Your parents won’t be around forever, try to enjoy the time you have with them. Don’t backtrack now and burn the bridge.

    summary: work on communication and realize that feelings are not direct links to your environment also enjoy the time you have with your parents they won’t be around forever.

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