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    I have been there and still am to some degree. Some things in life we never get over, we just learn to accommodate them into our life. I do believe some of the people in our past relationships fall into that category. When I was young, folks use to say there are too many fish in the sea to sweat the loss of one of them. But we are older now and some of those fish have been extremely important in our lives.

    I can tell you six weeks is not nearly enough time to process this loss. Six months maybe. Until that time comes and it will come, try to forgive. Undoubtedly there were issues that both of you contributed to. Forgive yourself and forgive the other person.

    I read a book recently called The Four Agreements by Ruiz. For me, it was transformational. I realized thru this book that nothing anyone does is because of me. It is the other person working thru their dream, their perceptions. Not mine.

    Your emotional stability will return, but loving the other person in a different way, forgiving yourself and forgiving them is crucial to this stability.

    Don’t deny the pain, it is real. But it will pass and maybe there are, really, more fish in the sea.

    Peace be with you.

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