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    well Robi1992, I read the this post just before I write this post.

    first, every word you write on your first post(according with the post that I see there is another thread written by you which i don’t see). I thought “Is this guy me on the other side of the world ?”. because I can relate with what you write..

    beside you are more younger than me. I am 32 and never get experience with girlfriend and in my country sex before marriage is taboo, but some people do it anyway and I am one of the product before marriage. Thankfully my parent end up together until death separate one of them apart.

    So you see ? what i want to tell you there is always someone who is better and at the same time worse than you. I am also struggle to find a job, have my business close twice and now this is my third business, i really hope this business going well. Having business doesn’t mean I am a rich guy, it is just small business.

    I don’t have any good advice i can give you because I think we are in the same condition and so many other people out there. but I do find some trick and apply to my self to help me going day by day.

    I carving for compliment and acceptance from other people a lot and I find some self-compassionate method when i read in one of the article of tinybuddha is very good method for me. I admit I’m not fully healed from the wound, but it help me a lot to make me accept my incapability when we are Kid, Teen, Adult and present me. I make peace with my past self and give love that “We” should receive. It makes me accept my fault and flaws. I always angry at my past self and hate them so much but now the anger has transform to become small self-love which everyday i nurtured so it won’t gone.

    and I find some quote(the translate, maybe some Korean people can give the true meaning) from Lyric by BLSG the street performer from Korea that I hope somebody will tell me when they see me now, and sorry for the bad english.

    “You are living great, you are living great, you are living great in this intense world”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)