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    Hi Helcat


    – There are multi-religion households especially in western countries such as Germany.

    I know i thought same, but when i got to know him better i get it that he is very religious. So i was agree that our future kids can become muslim.

    You know why i feel sad, i am trying to compromise so much because i love him so much. Why still his mother not accepting me?
    If she says look Kajal i dont like you, finish. She is saying I am ok but according to religion there is possibilty that you guys will divorce soon. We both are not ready to leave each other at this moment and trying tto compromise as much as we can then why in future we will not?


    She wanted me to becme muslim, i said yes to conversion. then what else i should do?

    I really love him.

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    Hi Ankita,

    – You didn’t leave the decision to your children when they become old enough to decide for themselves

    Nothing is in my hand, this was agreement between me and my partner. He wanted them to be muslim, it was important for him. He was ok for me being hindu as i am not very religios person anyway. And i was respecting his religion already.


    If you indeed planned to manipulate the situation, you partly succeeded in that he was indeed devastated and witnessing his devastation, his mother felt sorry for him. But the plan backfired

    when i said lets end the realtion intially, for me it was not temporary. My mother was about to come to visit me in Germany, and she already suspected that i am might dating someone. And till than my bf was not sure if this relastionship gonna work or not, so i ended because he clearliy mentioned “My parents are not agree and now not only relion they start takilng about cultural differences aslo. So it NO from me for marriage”.
    But after this seperation i was so depress, sad even i started thrapy. I didn’t know that it is going to so hard for me. I thought my mother will be here and i will recover from this breakup because of her presence.
    . I reaslised just because of religion thing i can’t loose him, i will convert. so I texted his mother and also him. After my mother gone back i met him. We both cried a lot and decided now again we will try to conince his mother. I didn’t try to manuplate. Yes i pressured him to get anser from his paremts before my mother comes. If i dont convert then their is no chnace of us getting married? I told him to convince his parents.

    I didn’t tried to mauplate him. I love him so much, i just could handle the breakup which i proposed initially.

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    Hi Helcat
    thank you for your message.  My partner isn’t standing up for you that why i am sad, depress. These 2 years meant nothing to him?

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    Hi Anita,
    thank you for your message.
    1)Did you curse his parents in their presence.. or did you curse his parents when talking to their son?
    I didn’t litterally curse, I just said that she is selfish and manuplatig her son by making it religoius issue. I was just dissapointed because she stayed with me, even she is talking to me from last 2 years then why suddenlly she decide that our future is not together

    2) You wrote early in your original post: “Yes we were agreed that our children will become Muslim“, but you refused to convert yourself because “it’s difficult“. Did you think that it will be easy for your children to live as Muslims?
    I guess so, even i dont not have issue now to convert to muslim, the issue is that even i am trying to chnage my whole identity still they are not ready to accept me. Why they were ok with me last 2 years.

    Not only 2 weeks she came back again for 1 week more, that week i asked her.
    Is it fair ?

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