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    Hello all,

    First I would like to say how happy i am to have found this website.
    Ive been struggling for the past week trying to put my pieces back together. I has with my girlfriend for 6 years. We graduated highschool, traveled through asia, and graduated college together. We grew up together. I guess Ive always been introverted and shes always been the one to want to go out. It had been a constant struggle. I hated myself for not enjoying the things she enjoyed and feeling “boring”. I tried everything in my power to make sure she was entertained in my presence. But I guess it wasnt enough. Because Then she got a job at a nightclub and lots of attention from others.She broke up with me saying that she needed to find herself and that she didnt feel the same for me anymore. We lived together at the time and she wouldn’t come home some nights. The nights she did, she was drunk. She would text guys and tell me to be free and move on. I feel thrown aside. As soon as she found the excitement she needed, I was no longer of any use. Once she realized that she could get attention elsewhere, I was a parasite. She claims we grew apart, but in my heart i know its because she has better, more exciting things to look forward to now that I am out of the picture.
    I feel so low. 6 years of trying to be enough for her. And now I dont know who I am.

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