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    Dear Wendy,
    If I were you,I will see the situation as OK.

    If I was your BF, and one of my friend has an issue with Dancing it is to him, Why should i start explain him,”oh no, you don’t understand../you see the point…/My GF likes it../… so on and so forth..”

    I just IGNORE.

    As long as me and my lover has no issues on Dancing, why should I even bother about others.
    coming to listening to them on this.Well, not all the times ,we have meaningful discussions.Sometimes,friends talk silly,non-sense,… 🙂
    In a situation like this,my thought process will be I know my friend is talking silly.I don’t need to make him understand that he is silly.But I will tell my GF ,to ignore silly talks.



    sorry missed this to add,

    I still give my HONEST opinion on big things. 🙂
    so my suggestion is, “Because one is over positive on small things,please don’t extrapolate that, they will not give honest opinion on serious matters.

    Hope,I am clear 🙂


    Hi Sann,

    From your words
    In the same time, I also have the tendency to be more positive than I mean, out of fear to sound criticising or ungrateful.

    Is it Life is teaching you to be “not more positive”, as you were put on the side of receiving over positiveness?
    Just a thought.

    As far as me, I was honest early in my life.Which made many of my friends turn away.
    As i observed that, most of the people cannot take “honesty”.
    I had experiences,where the people pressed me for a honest opinion, once i gave it, they immediately go berserk, emotional, defensive,sometime offensive
    like they will remark..”oh my scones were better than your last week cake” 🙂

    So i learned that, It is OK, not to give my honest opinion on small things,just IGNORE.
    This is the life lesson ,I learned.. 🙂



    Hi gg4tp,
    Sorry I cannot advise on your situation.But I am also waiting for the response from other forum members.
    As,I am also in same situation. 🙁

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)