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    First thank you for your post 🙂
    He stills in a lot of pain because the divorce and he’s the first to say that he doesn’t want any kind of serious relation right now. He like this girl, have fun with her, but he’s always making very clear to me that is not in love with her or considers a real relation – just a date.

    I was sad that he didn’t talk about the message i sent,because if we are such good friends, he could be honest with me and say that he didn’t felt the same way I did.
    I was really hurt in the past and is difficult for me to let somebody in, but with him, all happen naturally, and he says the same… when I look at him I still see confused signs, because in one way I see my best friend that’s always worried about me. Sometimes I see a man who have jealousy reactions when I play with other co-worker and he’s always making sure that I know is real feelings about the other girl, and every time I try to create some distance, he just doesn’t let me.

    I decided to just let it flow. Now I don’t have any man in my life, but if someone appears I won’t let this feeling I have right now get in the way. It just all of yhis sometimes is very very confusing


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)