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    We’ve only had sexual intercourse twice inn the relationship.

    We use to talk daily multiple times. Both initiated. When we would have disagreements sometimes, and would stop communicating for a few days..due to differences of opinions..but he always ventured back to me often apologizing, telling me that he missed me, and just wanted to sit down and talk in person..that we never have to do anything that I don’t want to do. He’s never pressured me into having sex.


    Two days before we saw each other last, he told me that he didn’t think it would work out between us and was pursuing other women on social media..and was going to focus on that… I got really upset and heartbroken and wanted clarity..then later on that day he begged me to forgive him and told me he was just saying that to make me jealous,  and to see if I was really interested and cared about him. That he felt uncared for by me. He said now that he knew how I felt, he wanted to make plans to spend the rest of our lives together.  That I was the only one for him, etc….


    On the last visit, we decided to have sex…and afterwards we talked a bit before him leaving. Before he left he swore he would call and see me the next day, told me he loved me..and kissed me. I told him that we had to learn how to better communicate with one another, and not put  much space between us when there are disagreements.


    He agreed, and apologized profusely saying that he wouldn’t disappear anymore. That he often has trouble expressing his emotions. That he wouldn’t do that anymore. That he really loves and cares for me.


    It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve last communicated.. whenever I see him from my window coming home from work he’s always on the phone now..he was never on the phone before. It must be another woman, or multiple right??


    He’s logged into social media often, even when he is allegedly at work. The login status is usually a half hour to an hour last active..all during the day…Does that mean he was being dishonest and playing games when he claimed to not be online looking for other women..or another??



    Before, when we got into disagreements and arguments, he was always apologizing profusely, telling me that he loved me and didn’t want to loose me. Begging me to stay. Ringing my phone a lot….

    Now..radio silence for 2 weeks.

    I feel like he used me to build himself up and dropped me now that he’s feeling confident and confident enough to go after what he wants.

    The other day I caved in and called his phone numerous times..each time it would ring a lot and it would cut to voicema, saying that the user mailbox is full…I feel like he blocked me.

    I sometimes feel like confronting him, but I think that may be a bad idea. I don’t want him to think that I am desperate and thinking about him.

    I’m soo confused and heartbroken. It is extremely difficult moving on…especially living in close proximity  to one another.

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