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    Hi Emily,

    You are stronger then you think,

    Uncertainty is the fact of life.
    The key to good-feeling life lies in cherishing the moments we have in appreciation to make every moment count.

    We humans have the power to direct our thoughts to events and objects that create a positive feeling in us as a response.

    The simple exercise that can move you into a better feeling place is to look around you find objects that bring a good feeling in you. Think about a person or objects that makes you feel really good and write everything you appreciate about it, the positive aspects of it and the positive feelings that it generates in you, be it present, memory or fantasy.

    I had once a very negative experience and when I came home my mind kept returning to the event…
    knowing that I can choose how I feel, I just looked around and focused on a wooden dresser in my room and started to appreciate, saying: “I really love my dresser, all the space I have in there, the beautiful wood-grain, amazing what this dresser actually represents, the many people who were involved in the process from growing the tree ………..” and I kept going just to keep my mind of the unpleasant thought and it worked.
    Later on when my thought slipped to the unpleasant memory of this one disturbing event I noticed it immediately and used the same technique to get onto a positive thought-spin.

    You have the power to choose how you perceive your life-experience.
    Choose to accept what is and set your direction toward improvement.
    Much Love to you:)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)