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    Thank you all for your replies.

    : “don’t be afraid to step away if the other person can’t fulfill your desires.” (BTW I don’t think you should just step away until you’ve communicated what you want to that person and given them a chance to fulfill it).

    I’m afraid that’s why SHE stepped away, she thought I was just lame sexually. She felt she had given me enough opportunities. But I REALLY couldn’t fully open up to her though, because I kept thinking “how soon until you betray me?”

    I NEVER should have played ANY games with her and I DEFINITELY should have COMMUNICATED…I don’t know why I didn’t…

    But she REALLY was the girl of a lifetime. I’ve never met any girl before or since who was as smart, fun, funny, and who shared ALL of my interests (like video games). She could REALLY be a pleasure to be around. The only problem was the shady behavior (which I’m wondering was just cause she was young). I’ll tell you she’ll be the TOTAL PACKAGE once she learns to be faithful and not constantly looking to “trade up.”

    This wouldn’t be soo hard if I could replace her, but the way things ended she won’t even talk to me anymore.

    I’m never gonna have a shot at a girl like that again and then to have turned my nose up at it when I did…that’s just STUPID.


    Wow…wish I had read this before my last relationship


    I lost the girl of my dreams because I was stupid and now I don’t have any chance to get her back. She DEFINITELY BROKE me (I’ve been reeling from it for 4 years now).
    But I would take her back in a heart beat.

    I think it takes two people to make a relationship work, you both have to be willing.

    You do deserve to be treated better, but at the same time, I know that if I were you, I would do ANYTHING to try to make it work with the woman I was crazy about (I’d also try to keep her from drinking again as it seems to be when she cheats).

    If it is possible to repair this, then by ALL MEANS DO IT. Talk about it, communicate your needs and expectations BEFORE you get back together. Tell her that the next time she cheats IS THE LAST TIME so she doesn’t cross the line again and if she does, then walk. She will have to try to reconcile to you then.

    She also has to want this and be willing to work on it too though. She has to meet you half way.

    Wish I had HALF the things you have going on for you right now, good luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)