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    Hi deepbluesea,

    I know you posted this a couple of weeks ago but I just wanted to share what I observed from your post. First of all, well done you for healing from burnout, that is super difficult and the fact that you worked towards feeling better is truly commendable.

    I think as people we all have different limits and thresholds, and a lot of the time when we have experienced burnout our threshold can be extremely lower than before, where we almost begin living in a constant state of ‘survival mode’ and experiencing the same routine on a daily basis. So I have some question perhaps for your to ask yourself:

    1) Does your work bring you joy, and if not, what does?

    2) When was the last time you felt truly joyful, and what was your life like during that time?

    3) Paint the ideal picture you have of your life and yourself, what do you see?

    4) What are the steps you can take to achieving point number 3?

    5) What is stopping you?


    Being human is a magical experience, we have the freedom to do whatever we want on this earth during this lifetime, but many of us spend most of our days doing the same things (eat, sleep, work, repeat). Ultimately, we have a choice. We can wake up everyday and do what we think we have to do, or we can wake up and do what actually makes us happy. Our life is a product of our choices and decisions, no matter how big or how small. How our daily life looks is how we choose to live it. So whether that is surrounding yourself with more positive people or finding a job where you can work from abroad, your happiness is the true goal 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)