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    Hi Anony
    I am 59 years olds and 8 feel your pain. I was in a relationship with the ONE! My past passed away 9 years ago and I found the gal for me. I completely screwed this relationship up without getting into details. It’s been now 5 months a few texts but no phone class. She unfriended me Nd also blocked me on Facebook. I hurt everyday I have prayed that she come back. I finally deleted her phone number today..I am a wreck and have been and still very depressed. You should mourn her, take your time and feel the pain. I believe depending how much you loved her will determine the time.. When my wife died I said I would not date or see anyone.. One day it felt it was time for me to join the human race.. I listen to sad songs, think of the good times, now for the holidays it’s especially hard.
    Your not alone.. Don’t text her, email, phone calls.. It only hurts you more.. Delete her from your phone .. It’s hard but the temptation of texting will be over..

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