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    Hey Felix,

    Its very frustrating looking for love, i was in a similar position a few years ago before i met my partner.

    Have you tried writing down what you’re looking for in a partner? Write a list of the characteristics and attributes you want your next partner to have.

    I feel like you need to find an outlet, are you talking to girls on dating websites? sometimes its just good to chat to people and get a feel for different personalities. (seeing as theres not much to do in your town).

    As you know working on yourself is an endless process so don’t ever stop doing that but definitely stop and think what you feel is holding you back in yourself from finding your next partner. (write that down too). Also a nice little way to ask the universe for help is to say “Dear Universe, Can you please show me clearly what my next move is to attract love and please show me what i need to do to get there, Can you please show me in clear black and white, a song, in words or show me a sequence of events, Thank you Universe.”

    Say this every day and be open to things/ ideas that pop into your head.
    Hope this somewhat helps. 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)