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    Huda Syyed

    I ended up here because I googled my feelings. Reading your post made me want to sign up here and also because it seems like a safe place to be with what I’m going through right now.

    I feel exactly how you do. I graduated woth a Masters degree, zero job, I worked part time telling kids tp sit in their place during damce class. Even for that I wasn’t paid enough and half the money went in taxi fare. I was almost close to being forced to marry a man last year after graduation, I feel like my self confidence jas suffered a lot after coming back home. I was studying abroad and belong to a slightly conservative culture. it has been hell for me, I cant count how many times I cry myself to sleep. And my relationship with my parents has suffered a lot too due to the past year happenings at home. I have virtually zero trust in people except a few friends I made in uni who live countries away from me . I go to sleep every moght thinking when this feeling will pass over.
    to make it worse I get paranoid as well and get paranoid if my parents make any sort of criticism regarding me being quiet or even if its something related to my appearance or dressing. It is so difficult, I know how you frel. Im letting you know that you arent alone. I got so depressed that the doc had the nerve to diagnose me with bipolar and to be honest it was probably situational depression I assume because things were really bad at home.
    Just hang in there. for yourself. for the hope that things will get better, they have to get better. that is the only way out. I hope ypu find strength because this is a difficult time. Lots of love

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