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    If there is one thing that I have learned over the years – it’s that you can’t take anyone “out” of the religion. They have to be the ones to do it – and they can only do it for themselves. Trying to talk someone “out” of the religion generally solidifies their stance since they “must be right” if they are being opposed.

    I don’t think you have to worry about cutting off association with your son’s friend. If your neighbours get in deep, then they will be the one’s cutting off association with you and your family. I think it’s a world condition personally. No one really wants to *think*, and life as a JW is so very simple that you don’t really have to think. You just listen and accept and obey. It’s comforting to some. Especially Jw’s that have multiple generations of family raised in the “cult”.

    Times have changed with the internet and Witnesses are leaving in droves. It’s a fair question to ask why. JW numbers may be going up attendance wise, but I think this reflects other countries that are looking for comfort during hardships. It is a “loving” organization – but that love soon fades when you decide not to be a part of the religion – or even question it. This begs the question : Was it love to begin with? It’s a hell of a feeling though, if you have no friends and walk into a building with a 100 or so people all wanting to meet you! It may feel like love – but it’s conditional. It’s love bombing, not proper love.

    One great resource for you would be Please, check it out. You know your neighbours best.

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    No Inky – you are not over reacting; not one teeny tiny bit.

    I guess this the moment and introduce myself. I’ll just give you a quick summation as I just joined up after stumbling upon TinyBuddah. I was raised as a JW from birth, and wrestled with my innersole in being part of an organization that claims not only to be the authority, but the only authority here on earth representing the one and only God – Jahweh , or their pronunciation of such being Jehovah. All other religions are not accepted in any way shape or form. There is only one “true religion” to a JW. Conform (no matter how you do it) or you’re out.

    Rest assured, the cars over at your neighbour’s, were there for the exact reason you stated. While you may not be the Devil – in their eyes they are being tested by him. I’d be happy to answer any questions or provide insight on any observances you have.

    I’m brand new here, so please do not see me as trying to “stir the pot” but I disagree with Anita on more points than I agree. I do agree the the Watchtower is organized extremely well. But regardless of how organized they are, they have deep rooted, fundamental problems within. It is not speculation either – it is fact.

    The Watchtower/ IS completely unreasonable. The fact that they are unable to question ANYTHING of substance, or think outside of the box they are given to think in is a sure indicator of this. Anita points out that they do indeed observe Anniversaries, but this does not make them “reasonable” by any means.

    While disfellowshipping may have it’s potential wisdom and upsides, it also wreaks havoc on families. There is no middle ground.

    And Inky, if you only need one eye opener (and there are LOADS) please consider the blood transfusion issues. While technology has come a long ways in past decades (bloodless surgery etc) it is still fact that you cannot accept a blood transfusion. If your life is on the line, or your childrens life is on the line a Jehovah’s Witness will choose death – for them or their children before one is accepted. There are documented cases of court ordered blood transfusions to infants in these cases.

    Oh yeah…on the reasonability of JW’s, make sure you ask one why they -cannot- wear a beard and have an active role in their local congregation.

    Hope I can be of assistance to you indeed. Take care.


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