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    I’m devastated. I got together with this wonderful South Indian girl who was the world to me. I loved her like I’ve never loved before, jumping into this relationship so deep that I cannot imagine living a day without her. She was everything to me. One day, she suddenly proposed to take a break, with the excuse of not having feelings for me anymore, just out of the blue. We talked, we cried and I came to understand that her parents have been asking for her to meet with someone back home. She wanted it to end before we got hurt even more. I understood what stood ahead of us but after more tears and conversations, we decided to try it again.

    This Christmas, she went back to India and everything changed. She texted saying that we should break up for real this time, after fighting with her family for the past few days. They have arranged for her to meet with someone from LA. This broke me. I cannot even begin to accept how this is actually happening, how love can be just swept away like it didn’t even matter. She has made her decision to follow her family’s wishes because she cannot bear to risk disappointing them, being the eldest and having to set an example to the rest of her family and society. I have told her my mind and my determination to fight alongside her for this to work out, to prove to her family that if it’s my origin and my race that poses a problem then I’ll be willing to sacrifice everything to become part of them. But she is insisting that this is not a fight that can be won, that this future is impossible.

    I will be seeing her again in New York in two weeks. With everything that came to pass, I don’t know how to deal with it anymore. My heart is telling me to continue fighting for her to show her how much I love her but it feels like I’m up against an immovable wall. What should I do? Is it really impossible for love to triumph tradition and culture? Please help…I’m really devastated..

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