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    Hi Tinydancer, I can totally relate to how you’re feeling because I am where you are at now.

    My dad abandon my mother and I because he wanted to start a family with another woman – He wanted a son. For 10 years my mother and suffered a lot from this ordeal and we are still suffering from it. My dad never gave us a single cent and never took pity on us. Similar like you, my dad spends his finances on his family, they are living very well. I don’t know your age but forget about relationship because every guy you’re seeking now is to substitute that emptiness in you. You’re constantly asking yourself why? Why did he left you? Why do you deserve this? Why am I suffering so much? Babe, you’re lonely.

    Likewise, I had a lot of failed relationship and my career wasn’t stable. We are still struggling to make ends meet. Just three days ago, I called him and told him how much I miss him and I needed a father and all he could do is to tell me to move on. I suggest you stay focus on making money. Forget about love and have your finances stabilize first. Your mother needs you and we are fortunate that our mom brought us up. It ain’t easy for our mothers to go through divorce and single handedly bring up a child. I gave up on relationship and have been single for six years. Now I just want to focus on my career because money is what we need now.

    Though I am still feeling hurt but I have decided to stay focus and start making money because I need to feed myself and my mom. You need to stay focus. Forget about dads. Give yourself a year to build a career, once you start making money you will find your life very different.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)