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    Hi again. Hope you’re feeling a little better. I think you should start by taking baby steps to achieve your goal of being who you want to be. From what you’ve said I totally don’t think you’re completeley broken to the point of no return. Youre so young and can easily change your life around but its important to take small steps to achieve your goals. Have you ever considered any CBT or other therapies? I once had a course of mindfulness based CBT and it worked well in pointing me in the right direction. The answers lie within you, believe me on that. Be aware of negative self talk and when you find yourself talking in that way let it pass over you and don’t engage in it. Really research mindfulness, it’ll help you more than any anti-depressnt ever will. You hold the key to your own happiness!! 🙂


    Hi there,
    Sorry you’ve not been feeling great. All is not lost I’m sure of it. It sounds like you’d benefit from speaking to your family and expressing your feelings. I’m sure they’d understand if you tried talking. Please remember that your experiences are NOT you. Its just your story and it doesn’t take away from the good soul you are underneath it.

    I’ve battled with anxiety before in the past and still get bouts of it now, along with getting the blues. When you decide that you’ve suffered enough, this is when spiritual transformation can happen! I wish I’d learnt this when I was your age, it would have made my 20’s better!

    When you’re feeling down the worse thing to do is mull it over and over. You can’t let this thing win!
    I’ve learnt some valuable tricks when it comes to keeping a positive outlook and they are as follows……..

    1.healthy eating (you are what you eat after all, eat wholesome, nourishing foods, try to cut out meat, eat fresh, try juicing, stay hydrated)

    2.sleep, keep a regular sleep pattern

    3.don’t worry too much about life goals, enjoy the ride! There are no more important goals in life than that of being happy. Put happiness above everything else! The most important goal!

    4.write journals, be creative, get out and enjoy nature

    5.exercise. Its very important to keep physically healthy

    6.keep spirtually healthy. Let me recommend some life changing books to help you. These have helped me so much and I wouldn’t be without them now. The art of happiness by the dalai lama. The power of now by Eckhart tolls. The gifts of imperfection by brene brown.

    I hope this is of some help.
    Keep stromg, you can do it!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)