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    Pink nails

    Well it sounds like you are heading in the right direction..

    1) you’ve already started the business, yay..
    2) you’re driven
    3) you know in your heart this is what you are meant to do
    4) you have a plan in mind for the business to progress

    Talking to people, networking, going to events can all help.

    Have you been on meetup.com – they are based all over and there could be a business meet up group in your area that could be worth getting involved with.

    Linkedin is a great way to make contacts and check out competitors

    You could email contacts you have who have started their own businesses and ask if they could help be your mentor during this start up phase.. People are often happy to help

    Congrats on getting started 🙂

    Pink nails

    Hi Leica,
    You are not alone with your thoughts… I have been feeling exactly the same way.. I have had several events over e past three years that have changed everything I thought I knew. My mum passed away, I lost my job, then it split with my bf of 5 years, then the next guy I went out with turned out to be awfully emotionally manipulative and after ten months I ended up horribly depressed to the point of feeling like I had nothing to of live for except my dog.. I recently had to put my dog down as she was really poorly, my current relationship of 6 months is on really rocky ground right now.. I left a job I loved for two years to pursue a new career and take myself out of my comfort zone, my housemate and very close friend moved out a few weeks ago..I feel anxious all of the time.

    I’m still smiling though. I’m sleeping really badly at the moment and I have constant butterflies in my stomach, but im try to reassure myself but asking in any given situation what’s the worst that can happen..

    It sounds like you are having an awful time of it.. When I felt really awful at the start of this year.. My dad told me that nothing is permanent and this too shall pass.

    I really hope you do start to feel better and feel you have a reason to get up.. Have you spoken in length to your doctor/friends about how you feel?


    Pink nails

    Do you know anyone who you may be able to talk to about starting up your own business? Like a mentor? It may be a good idea to speak to as many people as you can in your chosen field, network, make new contacts, use LinkedIn, get advice, research on the net etc. I’m not sure what the business idea is, but as scary as it is.. You now have the opportunity to really put your all into the business.. You could look at it as your old job doing you a favour in giving you the time to do this. Yes.. It is very scary to leave the familiar.. Change sucks. If starting this business is something you need to do, then now seems as good a time as ever to start. Can you get a part time job in the meantime to help you still bring in an income while starting the business?

    I hope this helps a little 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)