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    Needing some insight, which I have seem to have lost…
    I recently lost my job of 6.5years. There were many things I enjoyed about my job, but for the last two years I was there, I knew I was becoming increasingly unhappy. I was moved around so much within the company that I was no longer given an actual title to my job nor any sort of solid hours (working early, then late, then early the next day, then to a different office..) I felt unappreciated. And I felt unnoticed. I had spoken with my office manager about this and she had acknowledged my unhappiness and had assured me things would be better later. Well, later arrived, and I found myself being let go from the company. They had told be that it was because they could see I was unhappy. It was true, but I was assured things were going to change and it would be better. Mind you, I was searching and looking for other options for another position elsewhere. The moral of the office I was in was not great, and the change I was promised was not happening. I sometimes feel that if I had been given a solid position in the office and also made to feel appreciated, I would have been happy. At the same time though, I have come to ask myself: was it really what I was meant to do? Would me finding another job in the same industry really make a difference? What do I really want to do now? Will it bring me the appreciation and bring me more money? (which was another reason I was checking out other options..) before I started looking for other work, I had started to put together my business idea that I wanted to do for a very long time. I was excited because it was giving me a chance to realize my dream. I just started working on it, and then I had to leave my ‘actual’ job. Now when I’m thinking about my business that I just started to put together, I have such uncertainty. I feel like it is hopeless now. And I feel like it is so silly. And before I was so excited and confident. I’m confused as to if this has to do with how I’ve lost my somewhat reliable job (familiar, is maybe a better way to put it) and it has made me depressed somewhat, even though, I know that this could be the very blessing I need. Also, I’ve applied to SO many jobs and I’ve had a few interviews but not many. So, as odd as it sounds, is my path supposed to be my dream, or is it something else? I have an interview with a company tomorrow and I feel repelled by it. I don’t want to be subservient to anyone anymore..but am I blowing my chance at making money while my business is in the works? Or do I follow my heart about my business and just go for it and be my own boss/create my own path? I just notice that when I’m looking for a new job that would make me a lot of money or happy, either I don’t hear back or another obstacle appears. I do need some reassurance financially, and either I just start paying attention to myself and what I truly want, or I find something that I like and will for sure bring some money in right now while I work on my business. If anyone has some wise insight, I’d love to hear (read) what you know!

    Pink nails

    Do you know anyone who you may be able to talk to about starting up your own business? Like a mentor? It may be a good idea to speak to as many people as you can in your chosen field, network, make new contacts, use LinkedIn, get advice, research on the net etc. I’m not sure what the business idea is, but as scary as it is.. You now have the opportunity to really put your all into the business.. You could look at it as your old job doing you a favour in giving you the time to do this. Yes.. It is very scary to leave the familiar.. Change sucks. If starting this business is something you need to do, then now seems as good a time as ever to start. Can you get a part time job in the meantime to help you still bring in an income while starting the business?

    I hope this helps a little 🙂


    Thanks Pink Nails!
    I actually have already started to start my business. I plan on it being fully up and running by February. I plan on it being relatively small, I’m starting out with a web store first. I have looked into how other businesses got their start, but you’re right; I really should talk to people and ask questions! Part of me is hesitant. I got through phases where I am so driven, and then clouded by doubts. I know in my truest of hearts, that this is what I’m meant to do. But it’s still scary! Right now I’m taking baby steps..

    Pink nails

    Well it sounds like you are heading in the right direction..

    1) you’ve already started the business, yay..
    2) you’re driven
    3) you know in your heart this is what you are meant to do
    4) you have a plan in mind for the business to progress

    Talking to people, networking, going to events can all help.

    Have you been on meetup.com – they are based all over and there could be a business meet up group in your area that could be worth getting involved with.

    Linkedin is a great way to make contacts and check out competitors

    You could email contacts you have who have started their own businesses and ask if they could help be your mentor during this start up phase.. People are often happy to help

    Congrats on getting started 🙂

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