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    I know the feeling, and I really hope it works out for you, but remember, are you falling for her, or the image of her in your mind?

    I also know how frustrating it can be when someone you care about doesn’t instantly reply. Remind yourself they can be busy. I would like to say, ten minutes to an hour for a response is quite good. As an adult with friends working completely different schedules [three office workers, two in call centres and the rest retail] having ten minutes to wait is bliss sometimes I have to wait four to eight hours and get a text that begins “sorry, work was crazy, I almost forgot to take my lunch.” Granted, I know that doesn’t help because in that time my anxiety-riddled brain can go bonkers.

    I would still tell her how you feel so at least you’ll know and can stop living in this purgatory of “maybe, maybe not.” I would also look up some ways to avoid hyper-focusing and dwelling on an infatuation.

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