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    Hi Meg,

    To start first, its so good that you opend yourself up and acknowledge this because it must be very hard..

    To be hounest with you, I think your past is a big thing in this. It is easy to say for me but I expierienced, how hard and difficult it is, that accepting the past does help. Because, how can you move forward if you are still in the past with a toe, foot or even a leg?

    I dont know what happend and if you are willing to let it go and accept your past to move forward but I found out that it’s such a relieve to have that weight of your shoulders.

    I don’t have any friends right now because I moved litterly to the other side of the world for the love of my live. I had everything and everyone that I needed back home and now I have so much less and it hurts to be and feel alone. It doenst help your mental state.

    Are you sure you are okay with accepting the fact that it will  never happen to you or are you willing to try and give the acceptance from your past a chance?
    I hope you are okay and if you would like to have a chat about this or something else, I’m keen!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)