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    2 months have passed and the authorities have not taken any action at all (despite me contacting them twice)…meanwhile, my ex has been travelling with his new love, sharing their love and travelling photos on social media.

    Meanwhile I had to move in back to my mother´s apartment as I was left broke.

    Justice, yeah.

    Have a great day, everyone 🙂


    Thank you so much, Anita ! I very much appreciate the time taken, really.

    Yes, I have also found these instructions, however I was not successful in terms of where to upload / send the form online (as I cannot mail it by air this month).

    Lovely weekend, everyone..


    (Brandy, also thank you very much for your reaction. Of course you are right. )

    Kiawaki, thank you so much for the time taken 🙂

    I am afraid there is no way how to warn others (and even if such a web existed, I would never ever reveal them there as I find that way too much.



    Thank you so much for your kind response, Anita. I appreciate it very much, I truly do.

    How have you been ?

    Well, as for the money for the rental…fighting for it is definitely not worth it. It would be so time-consuming and with no guarantee whatssoever that I am not going to even give it a try.

    I confrontated him with the financial problems he put me into and his response was that “He does not really owe me anything as we were not married.” and that “feelings and plans simply change and I need to understand that”.

    He also confirmed that he was actually never truly in love with me as he would “prefer someone with a different face”. Can  you imagine how humiliating it feels and how much ugly and EXTREMELY humiliated I feel now ?

    You can stay in a RS where you doubt your feelings for several dates..first 2 days…

    (you know, if it was a Tinder hook-up, I could just laugh at it…but a friend of years..? Knowing what kind of serious trouble I am getting into thanks to him. The scariest thing is that he is not a person completely lacking morals (quite the opposite..that is the toughest part)..but the level of disgust he actually has for me caused that it has not really occured to him what kind of both emotional and financial problems he caused…so he left me feel worse than a piece of crap.)

    The whole time, all those months, he pretended to be in love with me just so that he is not alone :/

    I cannot help myself but feel absolutely disgusted.

    If it was not for lack of beauty, money, love, true friends, family,…one could say “it just takes time”…well, let me tell you whole my life has been nothing but pain. I truly do  not want, nor need any more of this. (By the way – I am a vegan, working with disabled and selfless. Karma ? Come on. )

    The very last thing left I want from this beautiful experience called life, is for him not to get away with it this time.

    Feel free to call it a revenge, ok. If anyone is willing to help, I would be reall greatful for a private message…

    Sometimes revenge can be quite justified.

    Have a nice day, everyone




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)