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    Thanks Anita,

    I appreciate your input and advice!

    kind regards,



    Hi Anita,

    Thank you so much for replying .

    Just to clarify, my sister in-law is the one that has invited us to the upcoming party , not the same Aunty who didn’t invite us to her 80th celebration.

    Confrontations – my husband phoned his Aunt to wish her happy birthday , and said he would have loved to attend her party but wasn’t invited as this point we assumed and were led to believe  it was her son that didn’t invite us ( he tends to be on the arrogant side ) so that made sense to us , Aunty informed my husband she knew he was not invited and it was her choice and that she had to “cut numbers”  . It was a very casual event so that didn’t seem right .
    My husband was sad and disappointed but was not confrontational at all .
    We did get a visit from his sister the day of that party which I said to her , we aren’t invited and have no idea why my husband was excluded she mentioned it was probably the son that excluded us because “ we know what he is like “ .
    I do believe sister in-law knew it wasn’t his doing  and if she had been honest and said it was Aunty who didn’t invite us my husband would not have made that phone call .
    Our kids were not invited and did not attend that party .
    I have also told my husband if he wants to attend this party he should do so , I have always been socially awkward so at my age I’m good to avoid any stress and anxiety this event will bring to me if I attend , just a little sad if I don’t go that I miss out on seeing all the children together.
    I do make a lot of effort to have all my grandkids together at our home whenever possible though .
    I really do appreciate any input and experience people have in these type of situations.
    kind regards R

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)