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    Wow, I can SO identify with everyone’s experiences on here, especially yours Hannah. Sadly for me is the fact that I also just without any warning, fall out of love, at the 8monrh mark. Every time. 8 months. Like clockwork. 7 or 8 relationships with exact same thing. Wonderful men but bam, dead inside. And every time I start a new relationship and believe with everything in ke it will be different this time just to end up again, 8 months. Nothing. It breaks my heart. I’m in a relationship with a wonderful man and I’m soldiering through. 2 years now. But it’s hell. Some days I feel something but mostly I feel trapped and irritated and sad cause its not his fault. It’s so draining trying to feel love again and I know I do. In my mind, somewhere.

    I read what Ben shared and thank you Ben, it makes sense. I decided that I have to share this entire thread with my partner and have a conversation.

    Am I selfish hoping he’ll understand and stand by me while I’m in therapy and love me unconditionally. And then I think HOW do I stay if I see the hurt in his eyes every day. I know I’ll see it. The moment I’m honest about this.


    And now I’m crying..


    Anyway, hope everyone on here are OK. Don’t know how old this thread is, I’m new on here.

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