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    Hi Roth!

    I think you should consider what’s feasable to you. Definetly follow your dreams! But have a plan to get to your dreams!

    It seems part of that plan may be to sustain yourself without your dad. Look into ways to get enough money. Perhaps you can start your business concurrently with your government job just until you can earn enough money to rent a place. If your business does really well, you may even be able to convince your dad that your business is a better path for you.

    You should not think of your dad as a “bad person” or the “authorative figure that cannot be reasoned with”. You are his daughter so I am sure he cares deeply about your dreams and future. This is probably why he is so adamant that you do the government job. It is a secure and stable job for your future.

    Try to understand why your Dad wants you to have that government job. If it’s because he believes you will be able to support your family better with a government job, then work hard to convince him that running a business can also satisfy that need.

    It seems you’ve made up your mind about having your own business instead of working a government job as your end goal. Look for ways to get your Dad’s support on this. But time is also a factor. And if you are running out of time and options, then unfortunately you may have to go even without your dad’s approval.

    I’m in a similar situation where my dreams are doubted by people I care about. But I suppose at least I’m in a position where I can keep working on my dream even without their involvement lol. It’s nice to be in that position, and I think you should strive for that too.

    I hope this information helps. I wish you all the best Roth.


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