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    Helcat, your method is very realistic and down to earth. You put it very simply to words so everybody can understand a way to deal with fears and anxiety, and overcome them.

    anita, I understand your point completely, and agree with you that things should be kept straightforward and simple as possible, as then we are able to appreciate them in it’s natural way.

    Thank you both for taking time to read my thoughts and share yours. In this point in time I feel much better, and can now clearly see that the problem was not the things I described, but rather the emotion(s) that I felt. That are affecting the way I think and see things/people. This was just my way of escaping or seeking help/advice in a difficult situation. Like all people, I feel ‘mess’ of emotions too sometimes, and sometimes emotions take over control. That’s completely okay. That’s why we need to master our emotions.

    With this clarity now I’m better of listening and helping others, rather than to talk any more about my problems. Thanks for asking, Helcat.

    Hope you have a nice day today!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)