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    How interesting, as I too have felt content and satisfied with the way my life is at the moment. I also find myself somewhat bored, if it were not for my work which I enjoy. But I can only work so much and now I find myself with more free time than I know what to do with. I have a hobby but I am looking for a new challenge. I don’t want to take on a challenge just for the sake of it, it needs to be worthwhile to me. I’m very goal-oriented and I think my recent contentment is due to me having achieved some very important life goals that I’ve been working on for many many years.

    The odd thing is when I was working towards those life goals I could picture myself at the “goal line” and how relieved I would be. Now that the line has been crossed and the initial elation has passed I find myself somewhat aimless. I have no idea what to do next in my life. My job is good and I don’t want to change that. My personal life is good. It would appear that all is well. However… what now? If I don’t find a new goal I feel like I would be wasting time. I need a new interest perhaps. But how do I find it?

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