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    Thanks for the replies. They have really got me thinking.

    I am sorry but I think I was a bit misleading in the way that I posted this topic. It did come across as a really personal question but I really am not looking for people to give me a yes or no answer. I know that is truely up to me. I guess what I was really trying to say is that I am currently battling with my thoughts and fears at what is a major cross road in my life.

    Being a big anxiety sufferer I have found so many great tips and advice on this site I threw my current situation out into your forum in the hope that someone may have some tip or guidance in making life altering decisions while feeling a lot of emotion pulls.

    I did mediatate on this last night and it became very clear to me that my greatest fear in this decision is an overwelming fear that I may regret in the future whatever decision I may make now, and that is really scary for me. How on earth do you make possible life decisions that could dramatically alter your future (and that of your most loved ones) when you are so scared that whatever decision you make you may regret later?

    I am currently on a very steep learning curve with learning to live in the present, and this has brought me so much peace of mind and happiness. How is it possible to make decisions about the future without letting fear influence the decisions I make?

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