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    Steve Demel

    Some great advice here! I have found breakups never easy for both parties.
    There are many great posts on this site that would benefit you, as they have
    done for me these past couple of months. I hope you explore the site as I
    have done. You see, I’m dealing with the aftermath of my recent breakup as well.
    The mixed signals, reading into things too much, the fact that we work together
    and she wants to still be friends. Some of this sounds familiar, right?
    Things will get better, Ray. Breakups suck. Plain and simple. Know that these
    feeling will pass. It will just take time, as already mentioned.

    Do yourself a favor, stop reading her texts. You may have already done so since
    posting this. Regardless, delete them. Any pictures you have, burn them to a disc,
    pack them away, or get rid of them out right. There will come a time when you can
    look at them without the pain that you are currently going through.

    Also, stop wondering what could have been changed, what could have been if things were done
    differently. It sucks, but you have to come to terms with the reality you are facing now.
    What has been said/promised no longer stands.

    You said that you cry a lot, and you’re a guy? Nothing wrong with that! You’re
    only human. You cared for her and invested in your relationship, it is only natural.

    You’ve cut off communication with her? This is good, and will help you in the long
    run. Just refrain from emailing or calling until you are ready. This is easier said
    than done.

    Live in the moment. Don’t worry about the past or future.
    It won’t always be easy, but things will get better!

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