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    Hey Felix

    I would suggest you do mindfull meditation and focus on your goals in life. If someone doesn’t want you, you have to respect that and move on, I know it’s not easy but this situation will make you a stronger man. There are alot of girls out there, if you involve yourself in hobbies that you like with like minded people you will find someone you like and then you can talk to that person and see where it goes. Trust me your relationship with this girl will only hurt you more. I’ve been in a similar situation but I found someone who appreciates me, you just have to talk go and talk to other women, eventually you will find someone who loves you the same way you love her. Don’t be afraid of being alone, that time just gives you an opportunity to be your best version if you spend it on self- development.

    I hope this helps


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)